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The autumn breeze carried fine drops, each one a promise of the rain to come. As newly chilled air moved the clouds, streaks of brilliance broke through from a patient sun. Perhaps it was because the towering skyscrapers looked less rigid in the rain that people took easy steps on the road with umbrellas in their hands.

Sally bought a bouquet of white daisies from a flower shop by the roadside. Immediately, her heart sank to the bottom.

Addison placed his arm around her shoulders and gently said, "Let's go." His calm and soothing voice gave Sally strength.

Sally nodded, clutching at the bouquet of daisies in her hands. On their way to the cemetery, she kept looking out the window of the car, eyes focused on nothing particular. Softly splashing water droplets hit the car windows as they drove onwards. The skies were overhung with a blanket of grey, so much so that Sally could barely tell the difference between the sky and clouds. It felt like it was raining in her heart as well.

Sally stood in front of the grave of her parents, quietly staring at their headstone as the rain drizzled over her face. Once again, she felt overwhelmed with sadness.

'Dad, Mom, I've come to see you, ' Sally thought.

She bent slightly to put the flowers in front of the wet gravestone. Salty tears spilled over onto her cheeks, leaving a tight, dry feeling. They fell as slow as the rain and she sobbed to draw breath.

She stared at their smiling faces, frozen in two black and white photos placed in front of their headstone. Sally wept, but she didn't utter a single word.

Addison stood by her side, holding the umbrella steadily for her and paying his respect in silence. He thought that perhaps his silence would be the best way to help her heal and reflect at the moment.

The two of them stood there motionlessly, unaware of the time. Eventually, it started raining heavily. The icy grey sky restlessly grumbled. The thick blackened clouds were dragged down by the heavy rain, which it held in its delicate frame. The sound of heavy rain pattering on the umbrella declared its intention to stay.

"The past is past," said Addison. He held her hand and in a soft voice, he continued, "Let's go back, okay?"

Sally took a deep breath and raised her eyes, fighting to stop eyes from producing any more tears. She slowly nodded her head at him and then took one last look at their gravestone. "Dad, Mom, I want you to know that both Little Pear and I are going to live a happy life! I'm sure you would be happy to see us like this if you were here," she said.

Most of her words got muffled in the heavy rain. Every unclosed chapter she had in her life before today had now come to end. Although it didn't end perfectly or the way she would have wanted it, she was happy that it was finally complete. Sally didn't know what she would have to face with

y forgot that she hadn't checked her period in the past month. That could only mean one thing.

Immediately, she felt her heart explode at the realization. However, she stifled her urge to speak of it too loudly as she was afraid that it was a false alarm.

When he noticed the nervous look on Sally's face, the smile at the corners of Addison's mouth deepened. In a comforting tone, he said, "We will know as soon as the doctor arrives. I guess this could be the best wedding gift we will ever receive. If not..." He paused before he finished her sentence with a snicker in his eyes, "I'll have to work harder."

"Oh my God! I wish I wasn't here to hear that," Hedy shouted while putting both hands on both ears. Immediately, the atmosphere in the room lightened and Sally felt less stressed.

While they were talking happily, the doctor arrived at the Long Family Mansion. Since the membership of the Long Family was concerned, the obstetrics department of the Royal Hospital always paid extra attention to any sign of pregnancies in the family.

While they waited for Sally's test result, everybody was nervous despite their calm appearance. When Sally walked out of the rest room with the pregnancy test strip, she looked quite odd. All the people outside looked at one another in confusion. In the end, it was Hedy who spoke out of curiosity, "Sally, what does the result say?"

Sally's eyes were fixated on Addison's. Gradually, a smile crept up at the corners of her mouth. There was no need to wait for her answer now. The bright smile of pure joy on her face was clear indication of what the result was.

"Addison, our love will come to life in another form. Are you happy?" Sally asked in a soft voice.

It was not until Addison walked to her and held her in his arms gently that he answered in a voice that sounded remote and unreal, "Everything you give to me in this life will be a gem!"

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