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   Chapter 1512 Extra Story 115 Of Mark Face To Face

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Addison tried his best to pacify Sally. It took him a while before he finally got her to calm down. When she caught sight of the panic and the desire to run away in Rachel's eyes, Sally felt like her heart was being stabbed by a sharp knife. Rachel, her younger sister, was the only surviving relative she had left in this world. The guilt of mistaking somebody else for her one and only younger sister was hard to bear. 'How could I forget what my own sister looked just after seven years?' she wondered, shaking her head.

The mere thought drove her into a fit of depression. Fortunately, Addison was by her side, or else, she would have broken down immediately if she had to face the harsh reality alone.

"She was in a worse condition when I first brought her back to the Ji Family," Henrik said in an apathetic tone. "At that time, even I didn't know that she was Rachel."

When he met Rachel for the first time, he was out on a walk in the dark. Fortunately, he decided to take her back home as if she was a stray cat. Perhaps he wouldn't have helped her if it weren't for her father's ring she had carried. If he hadn't rescued her that night, everything else that followed wouldn't have happened.

Sally quietly listened to Henrik, who explained everything in detail about what had happened seven years ago. Her sorrow-filled eyes were fixated on Rachel, who was sitting opposite to her, staring at Henrik. Without a conscious thought, Sally clenched her hands on her knees into tight fists.

Addison wrapped her fists with his big hands in a comforting manner. With his deep eyes, he gazed at Sally and she saw the love he had for her in his eyes.

Sally felt grateful that she still had him by her side after everything ended in such an ironic way.

"The Ji Family did have a part in your father's case. But many years have passed since then. Are you sure you want to hurt the people who are living in the present just because of something that happened in the past?" Henrik peered deep into Sally's eyes. "In fact, the Ji Family could have distanced ourselves from the case a long time ago. Sally, do you know why we didn't do that?"

Sally's brain had already stopped working for the time being. Without uttering a word, she just stared at Henrik blankly, waiting for his explanation.

"When you went to see Uncle Freeman for the first time, we already knew about your purpose of visit," Henrik explained, still in an apathetic tone. "It was only a temporary solution to comfort you with a fake younger sister. Uncle Freeman told me that love and hatred were closely co

think, and said, "I thought I would be sad. But to tell you the truth, I am not as sad as I thought I would be. I was just a little shaken up to saw Little Pear."

"Do you know why?" Addison asked. He couldn't help but take pity on Sally.

Sally looked at him in confusion. She thought about it for a while but she couldn't figure out the answer. Eventually she shook her head.

Addison held her in his arms and in his deep voice, he said, "Because now you know how to face your problems instead of avoiding them. By facing reality, you've become a stronger person today. Remember, only you can be your own worst enemy."

Listening to Addison's steady heartbeat, Sally felt greatly moved by his words. She wrapped her arms around his waist and said, "Thank you, Addison."

Addison burst into laughter. "For what?" he asked.

"Thank you for making me face everything," Sally answered. Sally knew that she wouldn't have been able to let go of the past so soon if he hadn't told her the truth now. Since she was happy, she didn't want to make Little Pear unhappy. After all, it wasn't easy for her to find happiness in the end. She couldn't let her past ruin what she had right now. Matthew would pay for his sins sooner or later. As for the Ji Family, Henrik was atoning for their sins in his own way.

"I want to see my parents," Sally said peacefully. Due to the heavy feelings of guilt inside her heart, Sally never showed up in front of their grave since she was released from prison.

A smile gradually crept up at the corners of Addison's mouth. He knew that Sally was ready to let go of the past.

He let go of Sally and said, "Sure, but you should eat something first. You haven't eaten since yesterday."

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