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   Chapter 1511 Extra Story 114 Of Mark Insanity

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Sally calmed down eventually as she listened until the end. After staring at Addison for a long time, she finally found her voice back. "I feel like I'm dreaming. I won't even be surprised if you tell me the Little Pear I've seen isn't the real one."

Addison frowned. He understood that Sally was just joking to make light of the situation. Little did she know that her joke would actually become reality.

Noticing his expression, Sally's moist eyes widened. "Are you seriously going to tell me that what I just said is true?"

"You'll come to know all of it when you meet her tomorrow." Addison's eyes fell on the man and he sighed, "Your passport is ready. I can't guarantee your safety for the rest of your life, but I can promise you that in the next ten years you will beyond the reach of the Tang and Ji Families. You are a smart guy. So I'm assuming that you will know how to take care of the rest." Then he gestured for Wyatt with his hand to lead the man out.

"Nina and Rose are here. Would you like to see them?" Addison's look softened as he faced Sally. "There is a reason why I chose to tell you all the truth today. I want you know that I'm with you now, I'm always with you. I don't want you to live in hatred. I will take care of these things as long as you trust me enough to leave them to me." The eagerness in his voice was reassuring. After all, he was a methodical man who knew the importance of being calculative and playing it safe when necessary. He always abided by his code, much as a rule, but when it came to Sally he could willingly give up everything, including his code.

Sally fell silent, taking a moment to absorb all the facts. Her family was been used as cannon fodder in their battle for power. And when they fell, no one made a sound; no one cared. Sally's and Little Pear's lives were ruined because of greed. The mere thought of it filled her with an unbearable sorrow. But it wasn't entirely true in her case. Her life wasn't completely ruined. After all, she still had Addison in her life.

Littler Pear, however...

"I know you'll be busy today," Sally said calmly, feeling under the weather. The good mood she was in because of the wedding had now disappeared. "I should go and say hello to Nina and Rose." She rose and walked to the door. She paused, with her hand on the door knob and said, "It's a lot to take in. I need some time to process all of this. I'm not sure what would be the best thing to do right now. This was a life changing experience for me. Although..." She pressed her lips toge


Sally's heart sank and her breath quickened. She looked to Henrik for respite, desperately waiting for an explanation.

"Just as you can see," Henrik said in a slow tone. "She can't recognize you. She is mentally ill." He tried to sound nonchalant, but every time he looked at Lina, there was something else in his eyes.

"How come?" Sally's voice raised to a screech. She had done a lot of thinking the night before, considering every possible nightmarish outcome. Addison had even warned her about this before she came here. Sally thought she could handle it, but soon she came to realize that she could never prepare herself enough for a cruel reality such as this.

"Ah--" Rachel was startled by Sally's voice. She cringed away from Sally, her hands tugging at Henrik's sleeves as she sobbed. "Brother, brother... Henrik, I want to go." Panicked and irritable, Rachel looked like she was going to have a fit.

Henrik frowned and said, "Be quiet." Somehow his words reached her and then she fell silent. Although Rachel was still shaken up, she tried her best to behave. Hand still clutching at Henrik's shirt, she was afraid that if she let him down, he would leave her.

This scene hit Sally hard. This was unacceptable for her. She walked forward trying to take Rachel's hand away from Henrik. She wanted to ask Rachel what had happened to make her like this. Sally's mind was scrambling to make sense of it all. Everything was fine with Rachel before she went to jail. What could have happened to her?

Addison grabbed her by the arm and said, "Calm down, Sally." He looked into her eyes and continued, "You promised me that you would keep your head, no matter how bad it was."

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