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   Chapter 1510 Extra Story 113 Of Mark The Truth

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6171

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Suddenly her cellphone beeped, indicating that she had just received a new short message, Sally didn't have many friends, and as such, most of her contacts in the cellphone were members of the Long Family. As she loved every one of them, she could never neglect or ignore their messages. She took the cellphone out of her handbag and slid into the short message box. To her surprise, she found that the short message was from Leonardo.

Immediately, the short message she had received from him at her wedding yesterday came to her mind. She could not explain why but her heart rose to her throat in an instant.

When she opened the short message, the contents took her by great surprise all of a sudden. The moment she saw a picture of her parents her eyes became misty, her vision blurred and her thoughts began clashing her mind. When she read the text, tears spilled from her eyes without control.

Suddenly, the door was opened from outside. Addison walked inside with another person. He was about to speak when he noticed that there was something wrong with Sally. With a slight frown on his face, Addison strode to her and sat down next to her. He wanted to console her even though he had no idea what had happened to her. But at the same time, his attention was drawn to the picture on the screen of her cellphone.

Seven years ago, an unfair acquisition of a real estate program had taken place and the people involved were included in the picture. Addison could only see the picture, but he had already guessed that the short message Sally was reading was about the same thing he was going to tell her.

Sally raised her head to look at Addison with her tear-soaked eyes. She meant to ask him a question, but when she saw the look of seriousness on his face, she decided to change the question. "Did you know about this very early?"

t satiated by punishing Sally's father by law, he applied illegal punishment, which resulted in Sally's parents' death. The punishment didn't stop with her parents, as Rachel ended up paying a heavy price too. That incident destroyed their happy family.

Sally thought she should be angry when she heard how her father had been wronged and her family had been destroyed. However, when the time finally came, she felt no emotion other than sadness.

Addison held her in his arms when he saw how heartbroken she was. He wondered if he should have just delayed this cruel moment and kept her happy as long as he could. However, because of somebody else, he could not delay it any longer. He had no choice but to tell Sally the truth right away.

"Little Pear will be back tomorrow," Addison said in a soft voice. "You'd better not make any decision until you see her. But I want you to know that whatever you decide, I will always be there by your side. You have my full support with whatever you choose!" His tone sounded calm from beginning to end. He knew it was not his right to decide on behalf of Sally. All he could do was be a guiding light for her in her time of need, so he could give her advice on what path to take.

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