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   Chapter 1509 Extra Story 112 Of Mark The Truth

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Immediately, Sally flushed red with embarrassment at Addison's words. Her shy face was slowly turning angry, but Addison had already commenced another round of heavy petting and kissing. Sally was exhausted. However, she couldn't even sleep a wink because of Addison. Besides, it was the night of their wedding. Sally had no choice but to compromise in the end.

While the two of them were engaged in an intimate display of affection for each other, the younger members of the Long Family were also having a good time just outside Glamour Hall. They all placed their bets while Evelyn served as the banker. They agreed to peep through the window of Addison and Sally's bedroom at midnight to see whether they had finished making love. In other words, everyone wagered on Addison's endurance as well as Sally's.

Speechless, Ezra really didn't know how to comment on his wife's behavior, but as a husband who doted on his wife, he was powerless against her. Thus he decided to bet on Addison's endurance being poor. Perhaps, no man wanted to believe that another man could be stronger than himself.

As a result, all the men wagered on Addison's endurance being weaker, while the women betted on Sally's endurance being weaker. When the women were asked why, the innocent Elsa, while blinking her beautiful eyes, answered, "Charlie has really good skills and endurance. I'm the one who always has to tell him to stop." Charlie's face darkened as soon as he heard that, but Elsa failed to notice anything. She even continued, "Addison obviously looks stronger than Charlie. There's no way Sally will be able to last longer than Addison."

Everybody else was struck dumb by her answer. Without a conscious thought, they all looked at Charlie.

Charlie's face was already overcast when he heard Elsa talk about their privacy openly, and now it was barely recognizable because Elsa declare

corners of his mouth. He wasn't sure if he was being cruel to Sally by doing this. Perhaps he didn't want to reveal the truth to her, seeing as how happy she was. On the other hand, however, he agreed with Brian, who said that it was Sally's burden and she would never be happy until that burden was lifted from her chest. Addison believed that it would be of great significance to Sally to unload the burden on the next day of her wedding.

All of a sudden, Sally felt ill at ease. At the same time, however, someone grabbed her arm. When she turned around to look at her hand, she found that Addison was holding her hand tightly. When she raised her eyes and met Addison's eyes, which had a magic to comfort her, a faint smile crept up at the corners of her mouth. "You said that it is special, so it must be significant," she said.

Sally didn't bother inquiring the details because she believed in him. Since they were officially wedded husband and wife, she wanted to face all of their problems with him no matter what it as.

"Let me go to check if the person concerned has arrived yet," Addison said in an apathetic tone. "Can you wait for me in this room?"

Sally nodded and she didn't withdraw her sight until Addison walked out of the room.

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