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   Chapter 1508 Extra Story 111 Of Mark Wedding Night

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 10709

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Like any other bride, Sally could not feel happier for the time being. At long last, with the blessings from Addison's family and her friends, Sally was married to the man she loved dearly. Everything was so beautiful that she felt like she was in a dream.

Addison was not only a candidate to the ruler of the Dragon Island but also her husband from now on. The wedding ceremony proceeded pleasantly with the soft melody of "The Wedding March" playing in the background. All the while, Sally felt like she was walking on clouds. She didn't even realize when the wedding ceremony had come to an end. She only knew that when Addison put a corsage, that was exclusive to the members of the Long Family, on her wedding dress, she officially became this excellent man's lawfully wedded wife.

Words of blessing filled her ears. With a smile on her face, Sally took the time to express her gratitude to everyone. Although the members of the Long Family represented the highest social class, none of them looked down upon her. Their eyes were indeed full of sincerity, instead of disdain. All of a sudden, Sally felt like she could understand how the Long Family had managed to be so prominent for many years and why all attempts against the hereditary right of the Long Family's imperial power had failed.

The secret to their success was in the fact that there weren't any personal conflicts amongst the members of the Long Family. Everyone loved one another and wished for their success. In their perspective, having power meant being responsible for it rather than using it for personal gains. Once a member who could shoulder that responsibility appeared, all the others would give up the supreme position willingly. And vice versa, the one in charge would have to be supportive of the other members in whatever they wanted to do, serving as a strong protective umbrella for them.

In this way, everybody did their own part to love one another.

The people's laughter were soon buried by the sound of the gun salute. The smile on the face of the reporter from ZTV was an indication of the pervasive happiness at the site of the wedding ceremony. The entire wedding ceremony was broadcasted on television, delivering the happiness to the public. Great changes had taken place in the past month. It was just a month ago when they had denounced Sally for her scandal. And now, everybody was cheering for her, immersed in the joy of the grand wedding.

Addison raised Sally's face by her chin and gave her a gentle kiss. Perhaps, everyone humbled themselves in front of the person they loved. It wasn't until this moment that Sally realized what a humble person Addison could be, despite the fact that he was a domineering man when it came to business. Addison placed himself in a humble position so that he wouldn't give up on her no matter what happened.

"Best wishes for the both of you!" Leonardo said in a short message that Sally received after the wedding ceremony.

A smile formed at the corners of Sally's mouth. She replied with a short message of her own. "Thank you for everything you've done for me, even though we can't be viewed as friends."

She knew that Leonardo had done his best

somewhat surprised.

Addison didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "My dear wife, your husband has been waiting here for you to come back. It's our wedding day. Where else would I go?" As soon as he finished speaking, his lips and tongue could not wait to touch her delicate neck and soft earlobes.

Addison's warm breath tickled her and she begged him to stop. "No! Not now. I've had a lot to eat and I need some time to digest the food first."

"You might be full, but I'm still hungry," Addison complained in discontent, continuing to do what he wanted to do. "Besides, the best way to digest food after a big meal is to do some physical exercise."

In this way, Addison's desire was finally satisfied.

Their passionate activity ended in the bath tub. Sally was completely exhausted. But at the same time, she no longer felt the stress of a bride before her wedding day. In this moment, she felt quite sleepy.

Having noticed her exhaustion, Addison wiped her dry with a bath towel and then carried her to bed in his strong arms.

It was a peaceful night and the temperature in the bedroom kept rising due to the air conditioning. Sally closed her eyes in fatigue, but she couldn't fall asleep. That was mostly because Addison couldn't keep his hands away from her body.

Sally felt so drowsy that she pleaded, "Addison, please let me sleep. I'm too tired."

"Okay, honey. Go ahead and get some sleep. I'll just carry on without you..."

Sally was rendered speechless. All of a sudden, she opened her eyes wide and screamed at him, "How can I sleep while you're doing this to me?"

Addison raised his head with an innocent look on his face. "There are only two possibilities. The first is that you're not very sleepy; the second is that I'm really good at making you comfortable."

Once again, Sally found herself at a loss for words.

A sly smile crept up at the corners of Addison's mouth. "Since you can't fall asleep right now, why don't you join me instead?" As soon as his words faded away, his lips covered Sally's. "With your help, we will both feel comfortable. Doesn't that sound like a good idea?"

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