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   Chapter 1507 Extra Story 110 Of Mark The Wedding

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Hotch, however, didn't seem too concerned as he shrugged his shoulders and said, "We will see about that, Mr. Addison Long!" With an arrogant smile at the corners of his mouth, he continued, "After all, Sally is still a member of the Gu Family. You have neither brought up a formal proposal of marriage to the Gu Family nor have you offered any betrothal present. As a member of the Gu Family, I was not informed of the wedding until a couple of days ago. As a result, I couldn't manage to come until this morning. But now that I am here, I won't pass Sally to you so easily, because that will make our family lose face."

A smile crept up on Charlie's gentle and handsome face. He took a red booklet out of the pocket of his suit coat and gave it to Hotch. "This is the complete list of betrothal presents from the Long Family!" he said.

Squinting his eyes, Hotch took the booklet and carefully opened it. Apart from Hotch and the Long Family no one knew how much was included in the list, but the way Hotch's eyes widened was a clear indication of its enormity.

"You didn't think we were just going to come here empty-handed, did you?" Ezra said hastily. "Open the door!"

By then, it was almost time to pick up the bride.

Unfortunately, Hotch wasn't going to budge. He showed no intentions of opening the door at the scheduled auspicious time. "Mr. Addison Long, are you going to dismiss the Gu Family in such an insincere way?" he asked.

Addison could no longer keep patient and restrain his temper. The Long Family had its own traditions. Although those traditions had changed over the course of years, they still valued most of their deep-rooted concepts. For instance, they gave great importance towards punctuality. Although being late would not necessarily indicate that something inauspicious was sure to happen, they still tried their best to be punctual, since they believed that by doing this they would be showing their respect to the women.

Addison gave the bridal bouquet to York, who seemed to be quite excited as if he was anticipating something. In a way like he would watch an interesting drama, he said, "Wow! I can't wait to see this!"

Addison patiently unbuttoned his suit coat and swung his leg at Hotch. Hotch was the current leade

wn way, told her that she was a member of the Gu Family, so that anyone looking to harm her would think twice before making an enemy out of the entire Gu family.

In her opinion, she was only a nobody, and even a nobody with stains in her life. However, having been pampered by people who didn't expect anything in return made Sally realize that from now on nothing would stop her from having a good life.

The Wedding March was played by an orchestra led by Katie, one of the world's most renowned talented young musicians. Even Charlie's or Evelyn's weddings didn't have that. In their own ways, all the members of the Long Family told Sally that she had been accepted as a new member of the family regardless of her past. Sally was greatly moved by the love she received from everyone in the wedding. As a result, she barely held her emotions together, ready to burst out in tears of joy even though she was smiling under the veil.

"Addison, Sally, we wish you a long happily married life together," Evelyn, Elsa and Hedy said in one voice, grabbing roses from the baskets they were carrying and scattering them on the ground, creating a red flower carpet.

In white wedding suit, Addison looked like Prince Charming, straight out of a fairy tale. However, in the wedding dress that highlighted her perfect stature, Sally was no mere Cinderella. She was a princess in her own right and together they were a match made in heaven. From now on, they were to be husband and wife for the rest of their lives.

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