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   Chapter 1506 Extra Story 109 Of Mark The Wedding

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Wyatt pulled up a Rolls-Royce limousine under the apartment building where Addison and Sally had spent many loving days. Then Addison got out of the limousine with the bridal bouquet in his hands. Guided by an etiquette officer from Etiquette Department, he was ready to go upstairs to pick up the bride in accordance with the royal etiquette.

ZTV, the most authoritative television station in the Dragon Island, was to carry out the live broadcast of the entire wedding ceremony. With the advancement of the times, royal weddings were getting less and less tedious. However, today's royal wedding was a special one. It reminded many old people in the Dragon Island of the wedding of Richie and Shirley that took place many years ago. The two weddings had quite a few things in common. Both grooms were candidates to the ruler of the Dragon Island, and both weddings were held while the brides and grooms were overcoming external obstacles. Nevertheless, all the weddings in the Long Family had one thing in common. That involved the curse over the family—true love.

Sally looked enchanting in her wedding dress, as if she was reborn. Staring at her like she was their daughter, both Rose and Nina looked so sentimental that their eyes were moist. "I didn't think that the innocent and desperate girl who came to me a few months ago would be putting on a wedding dress so soon. Rose, I don't know why but I feel like I don't want to let her go," Nina sighed, despite the huge smile on her face.

Rose cast Nina a glare, but her own eyes were also teary. She walked forward, taking a good look at Wing and then at Sally, who was wearing a customized heart-shaped tee fishtail wedding dress. After pulling Sally into her arms, Rose said, "Don't worry, you have a strong background now. Don't forget that you're now considered as a member of the Gu Family. Hotch is here too!" She let go of Sally and took a step backward to look at her. She winked at Sally with her smiling eyes. "He said he wasn't going to let Addison through the door without a fight."

Sally was greatly moved by Nina's and Rose's words. After all, she had no relatives apart from her younger sister, who couldn't attend the wedding due t

n the top floor?" York complained, his face overcast.

Running past him, Charlie said, "Because it's easier for him to see the stars from there."

"Exactly!" Ezra echoed with Charlie. "You're just kid. You can't understand the pleasure in looking at the moon and stars while talking about life."

"Damn! You make it sound so convincing," York sneered and spat in discontent. "I know the real reason is that you want to make love on the roof of the building."

Suddenly, everyone fell silent, stunned by York's words.

"Alas, children and fools speak the truth!" Ezra could not help but sigh in the end.

Meanwhile, Addison didn't utter a single word as he was concentrating on climbing the stairs. As a result, the others who were talking were left behind him. Nevertheless, it was impossible for him to reach the top floor in two minutes. It was quite obvious that Hotch was deliberately being hard on him today.

As expected, when they finally arrived on the top floor, gasping for air, Hotch was standing at the door in a leisurely manner. Hotch's arms were crossed over his chest, and a smile played at the corners of his mouth. Judging by the way Hotch was standing, it was clear that he was the only thing standing in between Addison and his bride.

Addison was annoyed, that much was apparent from his eyes. "There are only a few seconds left. Hotch, you will come to regret this sooner or later if you use this opportunity for your private revenge."

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