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Yvette enjoyed the food provided, so much so that she even snapped photos of them eating together. Sally, however, kept looking out despite the fact that she couldn't see anything. Yvette shook her head and said, "Don't worry. They won't finish in another half an hour. Let's just enjoy our food."

Sally gazed at Yvette in puzzlement.

"Just try the food here. I promise you won't regret it. I think it has a taste of home." Yvette winked at Sally, making the most of the situation they were in.

On the contrary, Sally was in no mood to eat at all. In such a mental state, even the most delicious dishes would taste just as plain as a cup of water.

Yvette noticed her reluctance and stopped pestering Sally to eat. However, she didn't let Sally's lack of interest ruin her appetite as she was quite clearly, famished. Ever since Addison returned to Dragon Island, things had been quite tense. Even Roger gave Yvette the last warning saying that she shouldn't disturb him again. However, this was out of her control. Moreover, there was the marriage certificate binding the couple together.

Pulling a face, Yvette continued to eat. She had been used to living a luxurious life. She couldn't remember the last time she ate in such an inelegant place. Although her life was luxurious, Yvette also had her fair share of dealing with things that were unbearable. Like most people, she had to accept whatever life had given her. The change was drastic, as if from heaven to hell. Although it was a tough change to accept, she had to do it.

As a result, even though she was starving, Yvette didn't eat a lot. Thinking that it might be the right time, she secretly took Sally and sneaked into the corridor where they might be able to eavesdrop on Addison's conversation with the other two.

Since the entire place was reserved for them, the restaurant which would have been crowded was abnormally quiet.

Minutes ticked by and when Yvette's brows almost met, the curtains in front of them were suddenly flung open revealing Yates' smiling face at the two of them who were squatting on the floor.

Although Freeman still had a cold expression on his face, there was, however, a hint of helplessness and love in his eyes every time he saw Yvette.

With a smile, Addison said, "Freeman said that you should be there." Peering at Freeman, he continued, "And he has a good sens

crificed for this wedding to happen. It might take Addison a lot more effort to take back from the two families what he had agreed to give out this time.

In spite of that, Addison still felt like it was a worthy deal. Power was one thing that the Long Family yearned. However, when compared to love, power was nothing to them.

The good news came so suddenly that Sally felt like she was dreaming. She was born to be pampered. Then she lost everything. She was once in such a dire situation that she had to stab someone in order to protect her sister. Following that incident was seven years in jail. Her past played like a movie in the mirror. Never did Sally imagine that one day she would be wearing such a gorgeous wedding gown and be marrying Addison.

"Are you feeling overwhelmed?" Wing asked softly. Her eyes were pure and watery.

Nodding her head, Sally answered, "Yes. I'm feeling quite nervous." Sally was afraid that she would wake up from this dream at any moment and realize that none of this was real.

With a gentle smile on her face, Wing said, "Every day feels like a dream to me. It's a miracle that I'm still alive right now." Massaging Sally's shoulder, she consoled her, "Sally, allow yourself to dream every day. All right?"

Their eyes met in the mirror and they both smiled unanimously. 'Right! I should allow myself to indulge in my dream. That's what every girl does, right? It shouldn't matter whether I'm poor or wealthy. It shouldn't matter what happened in the past. I should be able to allow myself to dream and be happy, ' Sally told herself.

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