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   Chapter 1504 Extra Story 107 Of Mark Weird

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"No, I won't go with you, just in case you can't focus on your work. I know you are very efficient, but who knows when you'll finish your work if I am there with you?" Sally pouted her lips, trying to push Addison off her.

Addison was a strong man, so how could she push him away? Sally didn't. She had barely moved Addison, who brushed up against her body on purpose, burying his head in the crook of her neck and breathing in her ear. Sally held him tightly and said, "Addison, go to work!" Sally wasn't upset, but rather annoyed with her man. 'I just had sex with him a few minutes ago, why do I feel aroused again so quickly?' Sally wondered. She blushed at the thought of this and yelled at him, "Go!"

Addison sighed, reluctant to go away empty-handed. His deep voice rumbled next to her ear and she froze, chills flying up and down her spine. "You can stay at home and have a good sleep if you don't want to come with me. But I am not going to let you go without a reward!" Sally found herself completely aroused by the warm of his breath on her cheeks. Before long, they made passionate love again.

Addison didn't want to stop, but he had no choice. Before leaving, he fixed his clothes and then affectionately said, "I won't be back home tonight because I have a few important meetings in the early morning. I'll come back to pick you up before we go to see Yates and Freeman together."

With a kiss goodbye, Addison left leaving the house back to stillness again, riddled with his strong scent in the air. Sally pursed her lips, with a sweet smile on her face. Even if their future were marred by difficulties, she was willing to face them together with Addison.

Suddenly, Sally received a text message and she turned around to see who it was from.

Sally's eyes widened at her phone screen. The message was from Leonardo. "How are things with you?"

Sally thought about it for a little while, then replied, "No idea. Maybe things are going to get better, maybe not."

Leonardo replied, "You can come to me if it doesn't work out with him. After all, I'm a successful and handsome young man, right?"

Sally shrugged, then replied, "I wouldn't be with you even if I were not with Addison. Leonardo, about the photos, we both know we were set up back then. You're the last man I want to be with in my life."

Leonardo replied, "You're so cruel!


er, then continued, "I'll leave this to you guys and go shopping with Sally."

Yates responded with a smile. Freeman still kept his cool and said nothing but stared at Yvette with his dark eyes.

Sally felt so awkward that she couldn't stop her lips from quivering. 'Yvette is totally different from what I had expected. She did and can still come off like an arrogant princess, but now she seems like a completely different person. It seems like she is reluctant to meet Yates and Freeman.'

"Go," Addison said quietly. "Today's shopping spree is on me!" Then he took out a card and gave it to Sally.

"The generous man is always charming," Yvette said with a smile, before she stood up, ignoring Yates and Freeman. 'Can't these two big shots in Dragon Island afford a meal on their own?' Yvette wondered.

Sally followed Yvette out of the restaurant. Before she could even ask where they were going and what was going on in there, Yvette had taken her to an alley behind the restaurant. Then they entered the restaurant's kitchen through an unlatched door.

Yvette's friend was waiting for them there. They were led to a table by Yvette's friend where

the same dishes that were served to them earlier were spread out nicely. Sally was stunned and at a loss for words.

"Everyone in that room just knows how to stare at each other. I couldn't even eat in front of those guys. Let's fill our stomachs first. Then I'll take you to eavesdrop on their conversation!" Yvette said calmly, like she was going to do what was right, even though her methods were questionable.

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