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Misa's beautiful face changed color at Addison's taunt. With her blue eyes, she glared at him and said, "You know clearly that the Fischer Family doesn't get along well with Victor!" The anger in her tone was apparent. This reflected her domineering and headstrong character as a member of the royal family in Y Country.

Addison, however, didn't lose his countenance. Swirling the glass of wine with his slender fingers, he raised an eyebrow and said, "That's none of my concern." As a faint smile crept up on his face, he continued, "Misa, it seems that you're still confused about what I'm telling you." The smile on his face transformed itself into a contemptuous sneer. "The relationship between the Fischer Family and Victor doesn't concern me at all. In fact, on the contrary, the rivalry between you and Victor can only do me good." Misa's face became increasingly pale as she listened to Addison's words, to which he responded with a snort of laughter. "As a matter of fact, I always regarded you as one of my friends. But what you did is something a friend should never do to another friend."

His words were fashioned into a knife, stabbing at her heart without mercy. He casually brought the glass to the tip of his lips and took a sip while he cast stony glares at her. "If you had done that to someone else, I would have forgiven you because you were my friend. But you tried to make use of something you considered as an advantage to force me to compromise." After letting out a tired sigh, Addison put his glass on the table and looked at Misa. "Sally is my endgame. Don't you understand me, Misa?"

"No, I don't!" Misa retorted, somewhat hysterically. "I come from a noble family. I'm a princess. What about her? She is nothing more than a social climber who would sleep with any man to fulfil her ambitions!"

Immediately, Addison's face clouded over with anger and he stared at her with fiery eyes that could burn her alive. However, he stifled his anger and maintained a calm countenance.

"Everybody has to pay for the consequences of their actions," Addison said. As he stood up, he pulled his coat from Wyatt and put it on. While putting one of his hands into his trouser pocket, he took a glance at Misa, whose face kept changing colors. "I hope you will come to realize your mistake sooner than later. Otherwise, I will be led to believe that you aren't indeed as smart as you look."

With those words, Addison left without hesitation, leaving Misa nonplussed.

Driven mad with rage, Misa swept the glasses off the table with her hands, creating a cascade of breaking noises as soon as the glasses

aceful life.

However, life without the touch of love would be dull and not worth living in.

"I was just about to tell you..." Addison paused, holding Sally's face with both hands and kissing her cheek gently. In a soft voice, he continued, "Yvette said that she would sit with both Yates and Freemen tomorrow. She wants us to be there too. In addition to my connections, the result would depend mostly on you."

"All right. What can I do?" Sally felt somewhat out of breath due to Addison's kiss. His hands began exploring her body. While looking at him curiously, Sally patted his hand, hinting at him to stop.

When Addison touched her plump breast with his hand, his eyes lit up. He pressed Sally against the sofa. Slowly, he said, "Yvette is the Achilles' heel of both Yates and Freeman." As soon as his words faded away, he kissed Sally on her lips, stopping her from uttering any word.

In truth, he had a lot of appointments scheduled for this evening, but when he received the phone call from Yates, he could not wait to go back to give Sally the news. He could have told her the news on the phone, but he was eager to see her in person. Both his mind and his body missed her touch very much. In the past few days, he had been busy punishing Misa and contacting Victor. As a result, he didn't have any time for Sally.

Soon in the dark of the night, the intimate interaction between the two took place. Sally had no choice but to surrender to Addison's aggressive attack. At least for a while, she forgot all her worries until both of them became limp on the sofa.

"Please go to the National Congress together with me, okay?" Addison said, just like a kid who was asking for candies, because he didn't want to leave Sally's side.

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