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Yvette fell silent and as she lowered her eyes. Her lips curved into a shape that barely resembled a smile. The memories of what happened at the competition came rushing back into her mind. The competition was hosted by ZTV, who was looking to find the next biggest talent with a heavenly voice for the commercial advertising of the tourism business in Dragon Island. As the most influential television station on the island, ZTV never had an issue with finding sponsorship. She seized the opportunity and advanced all the way to the top until...

Those had been some of the happiest and the saddest days of her life. But it was so long ago that now all of that seemed to have occurred in another life. Yvette didn't want to think about it anymore.

Sally wasn't sure what to say because she felt slightly unnerved by Yvette's silence. Addison wasn't here. He said it would be the best for the three of them not to meet this woman in person, even though he hadn't gone into the details about the reason. This woman had more influence on the attitude of the Tang and Ji Families than any blood relatives of the two families. It would take a lot of stress off of Addison's shoulder if they could win Yvette's favor. Only with her on their side would he be able to handle the wedding without worrying about the two families turning against him.

From what Sally had heard, there had been a lot of gossip surrounding Yvette's lifestyle at the height of her fame. Only a handful of people knew about it as the truth got buried a long time ago. However, none of those gossip involved anyone from the Tang or Ji Families. 'Wait a minute! Yvette's last name is Tang. Could she be a member of the Tang Family?' This thought made Sally even more curious.

There was a tinge of desperation hiding in Sally's eyes which Yvette easily picked up. She smiled at Sally and said, "Are you just regurgitating words someone else asked you to say?" Yvette made a sarcastic comment fashioned as a rhetorical question. Yvette had been in the entertainment industry for so many years that she knew how to read people very well. Sally was so young and naive that Yvette saw right through her.

Sally pressed her lips and nodded. There was no point in trying to hide the truth.

"Did the one who prepared your speech tell you that things might take a different turn if I step in?" Yvette asked with a polite smile. She was beautiful and her movements w

ld make a compromise for the sake of their friendship.

Fury glinted hot in Misa's blue eyes. "What is so great about her? I did it, so what? She has nothing and can do nothing to help you. You have to consider Y Country and your people. She is not worth it. She doesn't deserve the place by your side!" Misa's voice rose and became a little hysterical. Addison, however, was glad that they were in a hotel room or she might have caused a scene if they were in the public.

"I can take care of my own career. I don't need a 'qualified' wife who can help me climb the ladder of success. And I couldn't care less about other people's opinion on whether she's good for me or not." All warmth left his voice and eyes. "Moreover, if I'd ever need a 'qualified' wife, I assure you this, your name wouldn't be on the list." Even if a political marriage was what he was looking for there were far better options for Addison than Misa. Misa was aware of this fact as well as he was.

Misa's face was contorted in anger. "We've been together for two years! That is not something to be taken slightly!" She forced every word out through her gritted teeth. "Right now, you need the financial support from Y Country and I can help you. This is not something everyone can deliver."

Addison frowned. He detested it when someone tried to threaten or blackmail him into doing something he did not want to. "First of all, what we had was a platonic friendship, nothing more. And secondly..." A cold smile flashed crossed his lips. "I'm afraid the Fischer Family is not the only one who has a hold on the royal family of Y Country!"

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