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   Chapter 1501 Extra Story 104 Of Mark Cooperation

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"I believe it's better to face you than to face Charlie," Steve answered with a gloomy face. He looked steady yet there was a hint of impatience in the way he was fidgeting. "I didn't know how good he was at annoying others until today." There was something strangely spiteful in the way he complained.

Henrik's lips twitched whenever he looked at Steve. As the most outstanding member from the younger generation of the Tang Family, Steve should have been the one to take over the Tang Family business instead of Matthew. Not for a minute did Henrik believe that the look on Steve's face matched his words.

Addison, however, didn't seem to mind Steve badmouthing his younger brother in front of him. "I sent Charlie a text message after the meeting," he said in a casual tone. "I told him that you refused my invitation."

Steve felt his eyes widen in shock. He wasn't expecting such a shock from Addison. He couldn't believe that Addison, his own friend, was the one to blame instead of Charlie. Suddenly, he felt the anger consume him.

"Everybody is here now," Henrik chimed in, looking to avoid a possible dispute. "We should get straight to business!"

"Let's have dinner first!" Addison cut him short in a plain yet decisive tone. He pressed a button, notifying the caterers to serve the dishes he had ordered for everyone earlier on.

"I feel like I have seen you before," Steve said to Sally. His eyes had been fixated on her despite Addison's presence. All the while, a faint smile played at the corners of his mouth and his eyes lit up.

Sally seemed displeased when she looked at Steve. He had a face paler than most of the people in Dragon Island—flaxen hair and brown eyes. She would have taken him to be a foreigner if she didn't know that he was a member of the Tang Family. " don't think so," Sally stuttered in response. She firmly believed that she would have remembered seeing him before since he had such uncommon features compared to most people if they really had met each other before.

Steve decided to end the topic with a simple smile and a shrug of the shoulders. It wasn't until a few days later that he finally remembered where he had seen her before. At the time, Steve used to serve as the attorney for an influential person's relative. He had visited his client in the same prison Sally was in. And by sheer coincidence, he had seen her there as well. Steve was known to have a very good memory and he would never forget a face just as long as he had seen it once.

Just as Addison had suggested, they had dinner first. When they were almost done eating, Addison, in his

ront of her to have a sip, and it went further than the sleek curves of her figure or her beauty. Perhaps it was Yvette's career in the entertainment industry that enabled her to care for her skin the way she did, because despite the obvious age difference, she didn't look much older than Sally.

Yvette's straightforward approach took Sally by surprise and she shook her head repeatedly in denial. "No, no... Miss Tang, I have something to discuss with you."

Yvette shrugged slightly. "I've heard about your story," she said, placing the cup of coffee on the table. "I think I know why you want to see me." She slowly raised an eyebrow. Despite the obvious complicated emotions in Yvette's beautiful eyes, Sally thought her eyes looked clear and bright. "I have a say in both the Tang Family and the Ji Family, but your issue concerns His Highness. Are you sure you still want me to talk to them?"

Sally knew what Yvette meant. Yvette's vague answer implied that even if she could help solve the problem this time, it would only be a temporary solution on the surface. "All I want is a little more time," Sally answered, gritting her teeth. With a serious look on her face, she locked her eyes onto Yvette's and said, "I remember seeing you in a contest on TV many years ago. You sang a song that was called 'I Love Him, ' which caused quite a stir in the entire Dragon Island. Although the result of the contest was surprising, the song become very popular. You were not the original singer of the song, but your expression gave it a real soul. I believe that when you sang the song at that time, you must have felt sad and helpless about the fact that you couldn't be with the man you loved. That is exactly how I am feeling at the moment!"

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