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   Chapter 1500 Extra Story 103 Of Mark Enamored

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Addison strode out of his office and went towards the elevator. Wyatt stood at the door of the office, not following him. In the corridor, Addison's secretary bumped into them, carrying a stack of files in her hands. The way Addison walked with quick strides was quite unusual of him. Even without asking, she could tell something was wrong. She shifted her gaze from Addison, who had disappeared in the elevator, to Wyatt. The confusion in her eyes grew.

Wyatt only took an emotionless glance at the secretary. In a flat tone, he said, "Maybe he's not coming back today. All the files could not be reviewed until tomorrow unless they are urgent. In case of anything urgent, you may give the file to me, and I will deliver it to the Young Master right away."

The corners of the secretary's mouth twitched. Although Wyatt wasn't a stranger to her, she always felt like she was speaking with a machine every time she heard his flat, mechanical voice. "All right. None of the files is urgent. I will bring them to His Highness tomorrow," she said. After forcing a polite smile for the sake of professional courtesy, she walked back to her office with all the files in her hands.

With an indifferent face, Wyatt stopped gazing at her and headed downstairs. The elevator was too busy right now, so he took the stairs.

Walking straight through the hallway, Addison left the building. Although a wave of emotions was playing out in his heart, he did his best to keep calm. Naturally, he was a levelheaded man, but today he was much in a hurry as he came downstairs and strode outside. He was eager to see the woman he loved, and to the staff who met him and greeted him, he only gave a perfunctory nod and strode on, out of the gate.

Then he saw the figure that was still raising her head to look to the direction of his office in the distance. All of a sudden, he calmed down. He just stood there quietly, his eyes fixed on Sally. One second, two seconds, one minute, five minutes... It felt like an eternity.

Was he losing his head only because of a short text message she had sent him? In some way, he was forcing things on her. He wanted her to face the whole world with him. But he couldn't bear seeing her sad for even a minute. For that reason, he had come downstairs to check on her.

Maybe it was because of Addison's piercing gaze at her back, or perhaps Sally felt uncomfortable in the neck after raising her head for so long, that finally she stopped staring in the direction of his office. As she turn

k I'd better flatter the future first lady. How else would I get into her good books?"

Surprised by his answer, Sally didn't know what to say. She even didn't know whether she should sit on the chair or not.

Addison nodded and gave a hint to her with his eyes. Knowing what he meant, Sally sat on the chair Henrik had pulled for her. She didn't have too good an impression of Henrik, nor did she dislike him. But at least, she was grateful to that he was taking care of Little Pear, her sister.

After Henrik took his own seat, Sally inquired about Little Pear, who was still recovering. Henrik said she was doing fine, and even showed Sally some photos of Little Pear when she traveled abroad. The encouraging news put Sally at peace about her younger sister. Slowly, she warmed up to Henrik.

However, both Henrik and Addison knew that the girl in the photos was not Lina, but only a lookalike. Among the three of them right here in the private room, only Sally was kept in the dark. As a man with foresight, Henrik had prepared the photos in case Sally would ask him about Lina.

"Only me?" Henrik asked Addison after finishing the conversation with Sally.

"Hmm." Addison hesitated before explaining, "It seems like Yates will not interfere this time." His face turned gloomy before he continued, "After all, Matthew is a member of the Tang Family. I'm afraid that I will be constrained if I can't handle the incident properly."

While he was still speaking, a man pushed the door open without knocking and slipped in, despite this being a private room.

A faint smile crept up at the corners of Addison's mouth. "Didn't you say you would not come?" he asked.

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