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   Chapter 1498 Extra Story 101 Of Mark Taking Action

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Sitting on a bench in the Long Family Mansion, Sally was staring into space. There was no enthusiasm in her eyes. The flood of negative news reports had washed away something inside her. And Addison's attitude wasn't helping either.

Noticing the unusual mood, Molly sighed and walked towards her. She wished that Addison and Sally could have a smooth relationship like Charlie and Evelyn did. But things weren't working as she'd hoped. Brian had told her about Sally's past, including the misfortune of serving a seven-year jail term. There was no telling how the demons of such a difficult past would explode in their faces if the media got wind of it.

Molly sat down beside her and gently asked why she was sitting here, all alone. "It's autumn now. The weather is getting cooler. Take care not to catch a cold."

After a short glance at Molly, Sally lowered her head again. "I must have disappointed you, haven't I? I think he deserves better than me." She had lost heart. Desperately, she waited for Molly's answer as if she was trying to clutch at the last straw floating over the shipwreck of her life.

Taking hold of her hand, Molly said in a firm but motherly tone, "If you're asking this about your relationship with Mark, then I can only tell you one thing. The worst you can do to your love is dwell on this sort of pity-party. Never allow yourself to sink that low, even when life gets hard on you." She knew what that felt like. "Bri and I have been through a lot to be together. Though it's not exactly like what you are facing, the important thing to remember is that we all go through stuff."

Sally turned to look at Molly again. She had thought everything would change after what had happened. Even if Addison chose to stand by her side, she wasn't sure the other members of the Long Family would be so kind to her.

Molly seemed to have read her thoughts. "All we want is for Mark to be happy and it won't harm the position of the Long Family." She sighed. "All men from the Long Family have a sense of duty deeply ingrained in them. Brian may not have grown up here in this environment, but t

ere will be no turning back. There won't be any more room to change your mind. Have I made myself clear?"

Addison curved his mouth, and his eyes grew dark. "Should I take this to mean I have your complete support no matter what I decide?"

Eric gave him a faint smile. "You might very well think that." It was an ambiguous answer. But that was perfectly understandable, considering that he had too many other things on his mind. This crisis could be the final test for Addison. Although it touched on his personal life, if Addison could pass the test, it would assure Eric. He could even consider to take early retirement. But there was also a risk. If Addison failed, he would lose his status and his entire career would come crumbling.

Eric and Addison both knew it.

Addison hung up the phone and called his secretary. "Gather all staff at the Minister Home Affairs for a meeting in ten minutes at the conference room No. 3."

"Yes, sir." Ten minutes later, with all the staff waiting in the conference room, Addison headed for meeting, accompanied by Wyatt. Before that he made a call.

"Young Master."

"I want you to trace the source of..." After he finished the call, he texted Steve and Henrik. At the last minute before he stepped into the conference room, he sent a message to Sally.

"I will have dinner with two friends. Wait for me in the mansion. I will pick you up after I'm done."

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