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   Chapter 1497 Extra Story 100 Of Mark An Answer

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Addison answered Sally's question with a kiss. Despite her terrible past, he would not let go of her in the current situation. He had made up his mind to spend the rest of his life with her.

Of course, Addison and Sally drew the attention of everybody at present. It was a bit odd in a family setting, but given how the scandal left everyone tensed, they empathized. That was because none of them had ever seen Addison doing things like this. In fact, Addison had always been a gentle and easy-going person in the eyes of all members of the Long Family. Furthermore, his training in preparation for leadership had by no means left him a softhearted man.

"I feel Mark has changed," Evelyn mumbled, eager for Sally's explanation of the scandal instead.

"Now that he has made the decision, what we need do is nothing but to stand by him unconditionally," said Charlie to Evelyn. The he turned to look at Elsa, who was sitting aside, and said, "I'm going to deal with something. You stay here and wait for me, okay?"

Elsa pursed her lips and nodded. With her somewhat muzzy eyes, she cast Addison a worried glance before turning to Charlie again. "Go ahead, my dear!" she said when she noticed Charlie nodding to confirm his intention to leave.

Charlie stroked her hair gently in a pampering way. Then he gave a hint to Ezra with his eyes. Both men left the Long Family Mansion together.

They wanted to find out who the man in the photos was and to prevent further damages to Sally, Addison, and the family as a whole. Since they believed in Addison's ability to handle issues, they would not take a hand in the political side of the matter. But at least, they had to find out who the man at the center of this scandal was.

"That man looks quite familiar," said Ezra, who was driving the car. He wasn't impressed with Charlie for making him drive. Given that Charlie was still in line for being selected as the next ruler of the Dragon Island, he should have taken his shadow to drive him around.

Sitting in the front passenger seat in a lazy manner, Charlie said with an evil smile at the corners of his mouth, "I guess that's Leonardo." When he recalled what had happened at the wine party last time and the fact that Leonardo hadn't left Dragon Island lately, Charlie thought he guessed right.

As a lawyer, Ezra had a good memory of things. When he saw the photos in the news coverage, he also figured out that might be Leonardo. "What do you want to do now? Do you plan to have a talk with him?" he asked.

But Charlie instead of answering directly, snorted and drawled, "I heard that Steve has come back to

"I don't know much about the conflicts inside the Tang Family," Ezra answered, too cautious to guess since all he knew about the Tang Family was from hearsay.

Charlie shrugged and explained, "His parents might not have died so early were it not for Matthew Tang. But of course, what's done by night appears by day. The relationship between his parents was somewhat strenuous."

Ezra didn't comment but sigh slightly. Then he said, "I hope this incident could be settled peacefully. But I don't know how Addison would face the citizens of the Dragon Island. After all, he is poised to become the next ruler sooner or later. It will be a worse problem if the citizens are not willing to accept Sally as the first lady."

Charlie wasn't worried about Addison at all. He said, "In all honesty, Addison's patience has been stretched to its limits. It's more than enough for him to wait for seven years. I don't think he will wait any longer for himself and Sally to get together. Besides, the citizens might be swayed greatly and blinded to the truth by media coverage and public opinion. They may not help in determining whether or not Addison and Sally are innocent and maliciously framed so that he loses his authority to ascend to the throne. So, leaving the citizens and negative media coverage aside, the most crucial piece of the puzzle in his ascent is for the family to hold the economy together and better."

Although the Dragon Empire Group had its headquarters on the island, the group's business didn't focus here. As a result, in order to solve the problem, they had to rely on the four big families, whose rights had been reduced on the surface, to some extent. Among them, the Tang Family and the Ji Family were the most important.

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