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Shirley's and Molly's eyes met. All the ladies in the room were in panic. They exchanged looks, anxiety written in their eyes. However, the men were so calm and collected that you would think they were not affected in any way—especially Richie and Brian, as they contemplated how to answer Addison.

Sensing how uneasy Shirley was, Richie reached out his right hand and gently clasped her palm. As the eldest family member present, he would give most consideration to the interest of the Long Family. Especially, he would have to restrain Addison, whose chances of ascending to the throne were at stake, if he acted rashly in this challenging moment. However, Addison had already proved his outstanding capability in both politics and economics. Besides, as Molly and Brian's eldest son, he had shown great leadership in the family, setting the perfect example for his siblings—Charlie and Evelyn. As their strong backup, he enabled them to live a free life they liked. Richie really appreciated Addison in this respect. Whenever he thought of this, he could not help but recall what had happened many years ago when he was young.

As a grandfather, Richie knew that Addison would never let go of Sally—the girl he had loved for so many years. It was just impossible. Generally, members of the Long Family never gave up. Not so easily on love, or any other goal they set their eyes on. It was almost like persistence was their middle name. Their experiences had proved this as a truth again and again, with no exception.

Obviously, Brian was quite calm without any mood swings. Addison wasn't surprised at all to see that. He had thought the previous conversation between Brian and him in the study was nothing but a "routine." It was not until today that he realized Brian must have known the news by then.

After all, Brian cared about his children and it was about the marriage of his eldest son. As the boss of XK Intelligence Agency, the largest intelligence organization in the world, it was not difficult to find out anything.

"I already gave you my answer that day," Brian said slowly. He knew that Richie would not make the final decision, because Addison was his son and Richie was only a grandfather. Besides, Richie was busy comforting Shirley at the moment. From the look of things, he would not interfere no matter how the whole issue panned out.

"Such being the case..." Addison said with a faint smile of relief. "Alright!"

Since the father and son spoke in riddles, the ladies, with mixed emotions written in their eyes, couldn't exactly figure out what was going on. In contrast, the men in the family were pretty calm as they searched for the best

hopes became their hopes, her worries their worries, and her prayers their prayers too. She wondered where to begin. 'Are they expecting me to explain to them all? Or should I just turn around and leave without a word?'

Even though they feared she might be scared and run away, she didn't choose to do that. For Addison's sake, she had to face the reality at the moment. Because of him, she had to be strong, no matter how difficult it was. Even if it meant her losing everything in the end.

With that resolve in her mind, Sally walked forward to Addison. Nobody except herself knew how hard it was.

Addison still didn't move. While everybody else fixed their eyes on the two of them, he stared at Sally with affectionate eyes. Inwardly, he could not help but sigh. He hadn't fully understood Sally yet, and there was still part of her for him to learn. Maybe she was afraid, or maybe she was resisting to accept the fact that she had disappeared from his world for seven years.

Since Addison didn't utter a single word, Sally felt ill at ease in her heart.

"Don't you want to ask why?" Sally asked finally. Her tone was flat. Not humble or timid. On the contrary, she sounded firm, almost assertive. Ignoring all the eyes that were on her, she stared at Addison, many questions lingering in her mind. It didn't matter if anybody else wasn't expecting an answer from her. But Addison was different. 'I want him to ask me for an explanation. Whether he will accept my side of the story or not, at least, he has to listen to me, ' she thought.

A sweet smile slowly crept on Addison's face. Surprised that he could smile in this hard time, Sally frowned. He gently pulled her closer, gave her a tight hug and a slight peck on the cheek, while everyone else was watching.

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