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   Chapter 1495 Extra Story 98 Of Mark Exposure

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9451

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They say after joy comes sorrow. And for Sally, the party was coming to an end too soon. Seven years ago, Sally had experienced that firsthand. And at present, again, everything was working smoothly for her. So much, she thought she could say goodbye to her painful past. But that was when the unexpected happened, catching her unprepared. Today, her new-found joy seemed to come to a sudden end, without warning like a flash flood that found a hiker, right in the middle of a valley with steep sides.

A moment ago, she was happy as a clam, only dreaming of her bright future. But the next moment, she was struck dumb by the news doing the rounds in the media. Quietly, she stood right in front of a big screen on the wall of a shopping mall. Flashing before her eyes on the news broadcast were photos of her with Leonardo. By instinct, she checked the internet links to several media houses on her cellphone. It was the same story trending online. The comments were coming in fast and furiously. She froze on the spot.

"Oh my God! How could it be?! Don't I remember her saying she loves His Highness?"

"Yeah. Even the government communication romanticized their love story from all the way back in her high school days. But the photos are said to have been taken seven years ago. Wasn't she should have been in high school at that time? This woman is so shameless. How could she sleep with another man while dating His Highness?!"

"I think His Highness deserves much better than this. Such a woman is an embarrassment."

"True! How could she do this to His Highness? He has loved her for so many years and has just announced their engagement. It's so unfair that she could abuse him like that."

Such was the kind of conversation on everyone's lips.

Harsh words bit her like chilly winds in winter, sapping her energy, and extinguishing every spark of joy she had only a few minutes ago. Battered out of her senses, she lowered her head and turned around. Fortunately, all the people at the mall had their eyes fixed on the big screen hanging on the wall. Nobody noticed the woman whose sinful life the media was digging into was right here in their midst.

Quietly, Sally sneaked out and walked absentmindedly on the streets, without raising her head. Among passers-by, debate raged on about the allegations, busybodies condemning her without the slightest effort at verifying the information. At this rate, Sally knew the rumors would catch on pretty quickly throughout the island and beyond.

Would Addison and the Long Family, or even Dragon Empire Group and the National Congress, sit back and watch their reputation getting pulled through the mud over this sort of sleaze? For Sally, the prospect was terrifying.

Troubled as she was, her cellphone kept ringing, but she didn't even notice. With her hea

zens. In fact, the conflict between Yates and Freeman, the leaders of the two families at that time, had played an important role.

Currently, Yates had partly retired and he was living quite a comfortable life. In fact, he and Addison were friends despite the big gap in age. But that did not mean he would automatically reject an underhand opportunity that would favor the interests of the Tang Family.

"Either Henrik Ji or Matthew Tang..." Hedy blurted out, pouting.

Charlie frowned at her words, which made her stop mid-sentence. Hedy covered her mouth with her hands. She didn't fear anybody but Addison and Charlie. When Charlie gave her a stern look, she quickly shut her trap. Not that Addison and Charlie were too harsh on her. If anything, the two treated her very well. But she knew better not to overstep where they were, especially on a serious matter like this. She would have to shut up and let her elders speak.

"Mr. Addison Long is back!" the butler strode into the room and reported.

About a minute later, Addison walked into the room with an emotionless face, followed by Wyatt.

Everybody in the room fixed their eyes on him. When the news broke out, he was chairing a meeting. Before the meeting, a staff from Etiquette Department had come to ask him some questions about the details of the engagement ceremony. Then everything changed in half an hour.

"Mark." Evelyn called out his name, in a feeble voice. When everyone else remained silent, she walked up to him and hugged him. Almost breaking into tears, she pursed her lips into a straight line, and stared him straight in the eyes. She was hoping he had all the answers they needed and he would prove al the allegations were false.

Addison gave her a thoughtful gaze and patted her back reassuringly. Then his sight fell on Richie and Brian. "I want to know your opinion first!" he said.

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