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   Chapter 1494 Extra Story 97 Of Mark Jealousy

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A terrifying look on her face, Misa turned her eyes to scan the documents and photos. All of a sudden, she laughed grimly. She never believed that any man could forgive his girlfriend and even engage to her for such blatant philandering as she thought Sally did. Much less, now it happened to Addison, the heir apparent of Dragon Island. Even if Addison didn't care about that, the Long Family would never accept such an immoral woman into the family.

"I need an air ticket to T City, Z Country as soon as possible," Misa ordered in an apathetic tone on the phone, a sinister aura in her eyes.

The person on the other end of the line took her directive and booked a first class air ticket for the earliest flight. At the time of Misa boarding the plane to T City, Sally had just changed her clothes and walked out of the bedroom.

She was in cream-colored, slim cropped trousers, a white shirt inlaid with yellow lines, and a mid-length brown dust coat. Her hair hadn't grown long yet. On the whole, she looked quite capable, just like a career woman.

Obviously Addison was satisfied with her current style. He commented, "Great! As our next first lady of the country, you look the part now."

A complacent smile formed at the corners of Sally's mouth. She said, "I paid for all these clothes with your card."

"I'm happy that my fiancee can buy whatever she likes with my card," Addison said jokingly. He stood up and placed his arm around Sally's shoulders. Then the two of them left the apartment together.

Wyatt drove them to the Long Family Mansion. Although the engagement ceremony was yet to take place, the members of the family recognized Sally as a member of the family, since Eric—the ruler—had already given his approval. Addison being a candidate to the ruler, Sally was poised to become the first lady of the Dragon Island one day.

Shirley and Molly had prepared a delectable meal for lunch. Addison was surprised to find that his grandparents, Richie and Shirley, had also come back for his sake. At most, he had been expecting his parents, Brian and Molly only.

When she noticed the surprise and confusion on Addison's face, Molly raised her eyebrows and said, "You can expect to see more people. Your daddy, your aunt and her family will arrive in the afternoon!"

(TN* Addison's "daddy" referred to Spark, his previous stepfather and foster father as well as Molly's nominal ex-husband, while his "papa" referred to Brian, his biological father.)

"Oh my God! Suddenly I feel like I'm a monkey in the zoo," Addison jokingly chipped in.

Shrugging, Molly said, "Your daddy thinks that since you're getting married soon, he too will begin looking for a wife."

"Really? If I knew earlier he would be stimulated by my engagement, I should have proposed to Sally much earlier," Addison quipped, looking around with a smile.

Everyone burst into laughter at his joke as much as they did at the feigned face he was making. Bonding into the infectious joy and kindness around her, Sally felt so much at home in the big family. In the meantime, she noticed the difference between Richie and Brian and the younger generation, such as Addison and Char

time being, I'll relish in her an opponent that I can also wipe the floor with," Evelyn quipped, flashing the victory sign. "Anyway, I can teach you the ropes of the game, Sally. Although I have always rated my skills as superb, I know, Charlie and Evelyn think I'm an amateur. But inexplicably, they keep making excuses to evade every challenge I propose. Be that as it may, I can mentor you. And I'm pretty sure you too, will soon be good enough to wallop them. Just take a little bit of my coaching, and you're good to go," Elsa offered with a touch of humor.

"Your skills are so terrible that Evelyn and I have to rescue you every time. How could you teach anybody else to play the game? You will only mislead Sally," said Charlie.

"Sally, join us please. I have an ID as a sorcerer. Maybe he looks too wretched that no female ID wants to marry me," Hedy chipped in.

By now Sally knew it must be an interesting game, but she declined their invitation to play. From their conversation she could figure out just how addictive online gaming could be. As a woman to be married soon, she was cautious about how much of her meaningful time gaming would take away from her husband and family.

While everybody had fun chatting in the Long Family Mansion, Misa got off the airplane and checked in a hotel. Soon after checking in, she received and read an SMS, which prompted her to make a call straight away.

"All that you need to do is pin down Robert. As soon as I get what I want, your investment plan in Y Country will go smoothly. Nobody will take it away from you!" Misa said in an arrogant tone. "Don't worry. I won't expose what happened seven years ago, because I am not targeting the Shangguan Family. Just set your mind at rest!" As soon as she finished what she wanted to say, she hung up the phone without waiting for the person on the other end of the line to utter a single word.

A cruel smile formed at the corners of her mouth. In a resentful voice, she mumbled, "Sally Li, very soon, you'll get the storm that you have been asking for. I wonder how you will survive that. Let's wait and see!"

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