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   Chapter 1493 Extra Story 96 Of Mark The Engagement Announcement

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 11092

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"At ten o'clock this morning, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Congress released the news that His Highness Addison Long is about to be engaged. According to our correspondence, the engagement ceremony will take place at the central plaza later this week."

"Hello, everyone. My name is Janet Wang from ZTV Royal Special Reporting Team. I have just had the pleasure of attending the press briefing at the Ministry of Home Affairs from where I am honored to break to you the love story of His Highness and his fiance," Janet started sweetly, looking straight at the cameras, a beaming smile on her face. From her expressions, you could tell she was euphoric at this moment. "We have prepared for you a detailed story of the Royal couple's journey, which began way back in high school, about seven years ago. They had been so sweet to each other back then. However, this adorable lady left the country to study abroad, separating them for a good seven years. But their love, as you will learn defied, the distance, and in an exemplary show of patience, commitment and resilience, they faithfully waited for each other, until she returned."

Towards the camera, Janet gushed, going into details of Addison and Sally. Expertly, she weaved a beautiful tapestry of romance, respect, and resilience for her audience. In the past few years, her presence on TV had endeared her to viewers across the nation. She read the news to them, almost like a family member right in their rooms. With her, they shared success stories and heart-wrenching tragedies alike. Each time, her voice and emotions went with the occasion. Today, she once again had woven a story that resonated with her audience, especially women of her age. She left them deeply touched by Addison's dedication, loyalty and love.

Meanwhile, Sally was busy going about her chores. Since Addison was to join her for lunch, she went about everything with a touch of perfection. On the shopping list, she noted down everything needed so as to avoid impulsive spending at the supermarket. Not that money was a problem, but Sally knew she could forget essential items only to end up buying things she shouldn't have bought. It paid to be systematic when it came to shopping lists. With Addison around for lunch, she was extra attentive on what went into the list.

In the middle of compiling the list, she got a call from Addison. "Hey, Addison. Thanks for calling. I've just thought about the same thing. What do you want to eat for lunch? I'm going to the supermarket..."

The way she spoke told Addison she had not watched news yet. 'What a simple girl she is, ' thought Addison with a faint smile. He then asked in a lazy voice, "So, are you going out alone?"

"Well, I'm not counting on you to go with me anyway. Your Highness is such a busy man, if I'm not wrong," Sally teased him a little bit and then dropped down the pen as she finished writing the last item she wanted to buy. Then she added, "Well, is it okay with you, if I ask Aunt Molly to go with me?"

"Oh, how did you know that Mom will be arriving at noon?" Addison replied, the smile on his face growing even bigger.

Then he broke the news to her. Finally, she realized he was calling to tell her something special. She was a little disappointed that he did not tell her earlier

d through the window into the evening sky, which was gradually turning dark with the fast-approaching night. The smile on her face was mysterious, and her thoughts ran deeper. At the beginning, she ordered the detectives to keep her posted about Addison regularly. But they failed due to Addison's high position on Dragon Island. So when she found out his love, she redirected them to concentrate on Sally instead. That was the easiest way to spy on Addison as well.

'Addison Long, it must be the last thing you'd think of your woman. I wonder how you will feel when you find out that Sally had another man seven years ago. It will knock you even harder because she still keeps that secret relationship behind your back. I'd love to see how you look at that very moment.'

A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. "Come in!" she answered in a flat tone. "Princess Misa, the deacon sent an email a moment ago. Can you please check your mails now?" said the maid who had come in.

Misa nodded her acknowledgement, and she motioned to the maid to leave. Then, she took the laptop and powered it on. She logged into her email and clicked open the message that the maid had just mentioned.

At a quick glance, a look of fury came over her face. "What! Addison Long is going to engage with that bitch!" she cried irritably.

Along with the mail, the deacon had attached screenshots from various TV stations about Addison and Sally's engagement. Burning with rage, she clenched her fist slightly, which drew her sight away from the screen. And she picked up her cell phone to call someone.

"Hello! What is going on there?" she asked, finding it hard to accept the news.

On the other end of the phone, the deacon replied respectfully, "Princess Misa, that's the latest update we have from Dragon Island today. And I've confirmed with someone on the ground. The information is legit and accurate. The government through the Ministry of Home Affairs sent a communique to media houses at ten o'clock this morning."

As he was speaking, Misa took deep breaths several times, fighting to calm her nerves. "Over my dead body! That engagement will not happen at any price!" By now, she was breathing fire.

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