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   Chapter 1492 Extra Story 95 Of Mark Betrayal

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Just as Sally stretched her hand to turn on the light, Addison patted her on the shoulder, interrupting her. She screamed in shock. She hadn't known he was following her. "Take care. The curtains are open. The moment you turn on the lights, you may be noticed by some people."

It was not until now that Sally remembered she was naked and had left the curtains open. Despite the darkness in the room, she flushed red in an instant. Nevertheless, she was reluctant to admit she might be seen. "We're on the top floor of a very tall apartment building. It's not easy to see here. Plus, it's so late at night. I guess nobody, except a psycho, would stay out this late rubbernecking at us." All the same she was touched by Addison's desire for privacy.

Addison snorted at her response. Without turning on the light, he walked in darkness to pick up the note pad he had left earlier in the day. Then he came back to the bedroom and wrapped one arm around her shoulders.

Curling up in Addison's arms, Sally read the note using the bedside lamp's dim light. Gradually, a smile spread on her face. She would not have wept had she found the note paper as early as she came back.

When Addison saw the smile at the corners of her mouth, he smiled too. But as he observed her face, doubt appeared in his eyes. He felt like she was hiding something from him. At the beginning, he thought she had been crying because she missed him so much. But later, reading the complicated expressions on her face, he figured that there were some other emotions in her heart.

"Were you derelict in duty?" Sally asked as she looked at the words on the note. She felt good at heart.

"I'm back, but you are not at home! Wait for me when you return. I might stay a little late, but I'll be back, no matter what!"

Setting his sight on the ceiling, Addison said, "My stay on Moonlight Island for the past one month has been super busy. The demands of the job have been overwhelming. I could not set my mind at rest, even for a while." Then he took a pause. The events on the island flashed across his mind like a film. "It has been a baptism of fire, witnessing the most traumatic experiences ever. Loss of life, harrowing injuries, and untold devastation of property." After a moment of reflection, he explained, "Having been trained for a tough skin since childhood, I never thought I would be that badly jolted by a disaster. It was not until I witnessed destruction first hand with my own eyes that I found I was not immune to emotions. When such thoughts came into my mind..." He turned his head to look at Sally before he finished his sentence. "I missed you very much. I thought about you. I want to spend the rest of our lives together."

Keenly, Sally followed, deeply touched by his words. She didn't have any doubt about Addison's affection towards her. For all the seven years they lost contact, he

his affection towards Sally.

It had to be thorough, and that was exactly what Coco had done. There was nothing to edit. As the Minister of Etiquette Department, Coco was a perfectionist in her work.

Without hesitation, Addison appended his signature on the document and handed it back to Coco. "Forward the document to the ruler for approval. Once he gives you the green light, quickly coordinate between your ministry and other concerned state departments. You'll have to begin with the official announcement through all the media houses."

"Yes, Your Highness!" Coco smiled in assurance voice, taking back the signed documents. Then courteously, she turned around and walked out of the office.

Wyatt peeped at Addison, who was smiling from his heart. Wyatt still reserved his opinion about Sally. But as a shadow, the most important thing should be his master's happiness. Now that obviously Addison could not be happier, he would not say anything against his decision.

When Eric received the phone call from Coco, he had just finished a tedious meeting. After Coco told him why she made the call, a joking smile formed at the corners of Eric's mouth. He could not help but tease her, "You feel very happy to prepare the engagement ceremony for Mark, don't you?"

The smile at the corners of Coco's mouth deepened at his words. "Every member in Etiquette Department who had witnessed his grandfather's populist wedding will feel very happy to prepare for his engagement."

Eric could understand her feeling. He had watched the recording from Richie and Shirley's wedding. Fantastic work it was. It had been an arranged wedding, almost imposed on the two, though.

"I don't have any reason to refuse to approve this marriage, do I?" Eric said in a lighthearted tone. "Forward the document to me in soft copy so that I can append my signature to help you prepare an official press release in the right ways."

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