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   Chapter 1491 Extra Story 94 Of Mark An Embrace

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Standing by the side of the table, the waiter looked really embarrassed.

However, Leonardo didn't lose his composure. Freezing where he was, he just stared at Sally with a pair of disbelieving eyes. He was by no means a good-tempered man. For a fact, he was one dangerous person who could kill without any scruples.

Sally had given him a slap a few hours ago, and he tolerated her. Now, adding insult to injury, she dowsed his face with a glass of wine. He almost lashed out at her, but when he noticed the uneasy look on Sally's face, he tolerated her again.

He could not justify himself. Somehow, he knew he owed her a lot more for all the wrongs he did her before he lost her for those seven years. Otherwise, he would have reacted harshly.

Sally gritted her teeth, intending to say something. But in the end, she only paid the bill before she turned around and strode out of the restaurant, without even saying sorry to Leonardo.

In a hurry, Leonardo wiped the wine from his face with the napkin on the table. Then he ran out of the restaurant too, determining to catch up with her. He grasped her arm and exclaimed in a cold voice, "Sally, won't you even spare a thought for my patience with you today?" He roared without any prologue, drawing the attention of passers-by. They looked at him in confusion, trying to figure out what was going on between the two of them.

Sally tried her best to get rid of Leonardo's grip on her arm. Unfortunately, he held her tight like a pair of pliers. Helplessly, she was seething with anger. On instinct, she stretched her hand, about to smack again. But this time Leonardo deflected the blow with his free hand.

Taking precaution, he now held both her hands tight at the wrists. When she raised her head, they locked eyes in a threatening glare. "No," she retorted.

Leonardo could not help but sneer. Immediately, he pulled her closer. Because of the impulsive force, Sally wobbled. When Leonardo's lips covered hers all of a sudden, the shock of it momentarily paralyzed her, such that she didn't know how to react.

When she finally realized what was happening, she jerked her head back a few inches. Leonardo could not stop her from doing that becaus

ted by Addison's soft consolation. Finally, he held her tightly in his arms, reassuring her. He told her he had missed her very much.

Tenderly he caressed her, kissing her all over until she was so roused. Together, they filled the house with sounds of making love.

By the time they were done, Sally was exhausted. Snuggling into his arms, she moved her hand around and rested her ear on his chest where she could hear his heart beating. In a hoarse voice, Addison said, "If you want once again, please go on with your hand."

But she was fully satisfied. All that she wanted was to cuddle and feel his warm reassuring presence.

"Where did you go today?" Addison asked, turning over slightly, but still holding her in his embrace. "I came here as soon as I got off the plane. But I didn't see you."

Sally pursed her lips into a straight line. She didn't want to recall what had happened today. She just groaned, "Why didn't you call me first thing on arrival?"

Addison burst into laughter. "I had too many things to deal with. When I found that you were not here, I left a message on a note pad for you. I was extremely busy in the National Congress this afternoon. I thought you would find the note and give me a call."

Sally blinked and pushed him away and walked out of the bedroom to look for the said note pad. However, she forgot that she was not only barefoot but also naked at the moment, while the curtains in the living room hadn't been closed yet.

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