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   Chapter 1490 Extra Story 93 Of Mark Encounter

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6586

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Both Sally and Leonardo looked at each other and froze. For a full twenty seconds, it felt like their brains had stopped functioning, the sharp sound of the slap echoing in their ears.

It took the burning sensation on Leonardo's cheek to jolt him back to the reality. He licked his lower lip and tasted blood. Slowly, it dawned on him that he had just been slapped, by a woman.

He was still holding her arm. Sally's eyes fell on his left face, where the skin was red and swollen with a mark of the slap. She opened her mouth to say something but words failed her.

The slap was so powerful, his teeth grazed the skin at the corner of his mouth. Leonardo licked his lips again, a slightly tingling feeling spreading through his body. He lowered his gaze and an almost imperceptible smile flashed across his face. When he looked up again, the playful look in his eyes was gone, giving way to a chilly gleam. "You are the first person to slap me, Sally."

Sally felt as though her heart was on the roller coaster. She swallowed hard. "You..." She gritted her teeth. Finally, she overcame her scruples and snapped, "You shouldn't have touched me in the first place. It made me panic and want to break away. My response is normal. The slap was a total accident."

Leonardo didn't know whether to laugh or not. He had never met anyone like Sally, with her way of twisting things around.

Despite what she had said, Sally felt bad about it. "I...I didn't mean to... I'm sorry."

"This is how you apologize?" He leaned forward and surveyed Sally's face with dangerous eyes.

Sally flinched away as he moved closer. "What do your want?" she demanded. "I can't undo the slap. How about you slap me back."

Leonardo took a glance at the long queue and said casually, "Well, it's boring to wait alone in the queue. I will accept your apology if you wait here with me and take my offer for dinner."

'What a jerk!'

Sally cursed inwardly. She didn't wan

sion in her heart. She was so lost in her thought that she bit her lips hard enough to jerk her back. In a rather languid voice, Leonardo assured her, "They won't tell Addison about it." Sally looked up and met his playful eyes. "It's just a meal in the public place. What's so serious about that?"

Sally frowned, but Leonardo didn't seem to have noticed it. He went on, "Or...or it means more than that to you. So you are afraid that Matthew and Henrik will say something about us?"

"That's enough. Leonardo." It seemed that the anger Sally had kept suppressed for the last five hours or so finally found a way to gush out. She took a deep breath and then said through her teeth, "I shouldn't have agreed to have dinner with you." She waved a waiter over and handed him the credit card Addison gave her.

Leonardo raised his hand leisurely. Noticing this, the waiter gave Sally a smile, and politely declined taking her card. Leonardo smiled as he said, "It doesn't sound like a good idea to buy me dinner using your boyfriend's card, especially considering that the relationship between us is very ambiguous. Right?"

These words set Sally off. Then she did something she would doubtless regret. Under the watchful eyes of the waiter, she poured the rest of the wine in her glass onto Leonardo's face.

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