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   Chapter 1489 Extra Story 92 Of Mark Coming Back To Dragon Island

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When he heard what Matthew said, Ian could not help but echo with him. With a nod in agreement, he said, "That sounds like a good idea." However, on second thought, he became a little hesitant. "But... will Misa do what we expect her to?" he asked.

"I'm sure she will!" Matthew's affirmative tone was evidence of his confidence. He looked quite satisfied by his own judgment. "Barring accidents, Addison will be sure to do something after he comes back to Dragon Island this time. After all, Sally has already met with his parents, who seem to have accepted her with open arms. Apparently, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Addison and Sally parted when they were deeply in love and they haven't seen each other in over a month. According to my understanding of Addison, he is very likely to make a big move after he returns to Dragon Island from Moonlight Island."

'If Addison really proposes to Sally, the whole thing will become much more interesting, ' Matthew thought to himself.

Ian, feeling uncontrollably giddy, completely understood what Matthew had meant. If the photos were to be made public after Addison's engagement to Sally was announced, the magnitude of the damage would be far greater and much more satisfying.

Matthew took a sip of the coffee. Its bitter taste mellowed with a bit of honey. "If we want to do this without being noticed by anybody else, first of all, we need to keep away from any informer working for Henrik Ji," he said slowly. "It isn't the time yet for me to face up to the Shangguan Family or the Long Family. At the very least, I must wait until Uncle Yates retires from his current position."

"I understand, sir." Ian knew why Matthew said that. After all, he had been working for Matthew for a very long time now.

Yates was not in good health. It seemed as though his retirement plans had come in sooner than he would have preferred. Nevertheless, he had to select somebody from the Tang Family to succeed him and take over the company. In Ian's opinion, among the members of the younger generation of the Tang Family, nobody could compare to Matthew in sheer capability and resilience. Perhaps Steve was also quite capable, but unfortunately, he wouldn't even acknowledge himself as a member of the Tang Family. To make matters worse, he had a successful career as a lawyer. He was not necessarily willing to be bound to the responsibilities of the Tang Family.

As time went by, everything in Moonlight Island eventually restored order. Post-earthquake reconstruction had begun with unwavering intensity. The relief workers from foreign countries were leaving the island one by one, which was a positive sign. Meanwhile, Crystal Project was also recovering gradually as a result of Eric's ceaseless efforts. Due to Brian's manipulation of the stock market from the dark, Dragon Empire Group's crashing stock value had been contained to a certain extent, just enough to make sure that neither Dragon Island nor the Drag

ment, Sally felt a strong impulse to run away. That was because Leonardo, the person who had promised to let go of her, was standing right before her eyes. Sally wondered why he decided to make his appearance here.

Leonardo, on the other hand, was just as surprised to see Sally as she was to see him. After all, he only came here to buy something for somebody else. He didn't expect to meet Sally here all of a sudden. He could not help but feel that maybe the two of them were destined to meet each other again and again. 'Perhaps it is the will of God!'

With these thoughts in his mind, he smirked. However, when he noticed the anger on Sally's face, he gave up on the idea of cracking a joke. Given the chance, Sally looked as though she would rip his heart out. Leonardo quickly waved his hand and explained, "I'm just here to grab something for someone! I assure you that I am not following you on purpose." Then he paused to see her response. When he realized that Sally was unconvinced, he pointed to a shop with his finger and said, "They only have one branch in the whole of Dragon Island."

Without a conscious thought, Sally's eyes moved to the direction Leonardo was pointing at. When she saw what he was pointing to, she could not help but blame herself for making a mountain out of a molehill. It wasn't a big shop, but the food there was well-known among tourists and citizens alike. Over time, it became a famous local delicacy that everybody wanted to have a taste of. Even so, it hadn't had a branch by now. Perhaps it was because there was no other branch that the food was becoming more marketable.

Sally withdrew her sight from the shop. After casting a fierce glare towards Leonardo, she walked away with the intention of leaving the place as soon as possible. However, as soon as she passed him by, she felt someone grab her by the wrist. Without even thinking, Sally turned around and responded with a tight slap that echoed through the entire place.

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