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   Chapter 1488 Extra Story 91 Of Mark Exhaustion

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Just before Richie and Shirley arrived at the Moonlight Island, the aftershock from the earthquake that devastated the island earlier triggered deadly tremors. Luckily by the time the shaking stopped they were able to get out of the helicopter unscathed.

A myriad of ambivalent feelings overwhelmed Shirley's mind. Amongst them, only some thoughts could be shared with another while some were meant only for her acknowledgement. And there was Ryan as well, whom the others had long forgotten for some reason.

Richie placed his arms around Shirley's shoulders and gazed at her. Shirley understood what Richie's silence meant. After all, the years of keeping each other company had taught them how to read each other's mind without much effort.

Shirley nodded her head slowly to tell him that she was all right. Feeling stronger in each other's company, they walked forward together. Since Addison couldn't come in person, he sent Wyatt to receive his grandparents. Addison was busy conducting the relief work he had volunteered for.

This place held a special spot in Shirley's heart. Although some of her memories from back then weren't desirable, they were going to be a part of her no matter where she was.

"Let's trust Addison," Richie said as he held Shirley's hand and walked around Moonlight Island to inspect the situation. "The damage control process is going on in an orderly manner. The relief teams sent out by other countries will reach us soon as well."

Despite the hopeful words from Richie, Shirley still looked perturbed and anxious. The issue was about a serious matter that involved the exploration of oil reserves. If Dragon Empire Group's cash flow were to come to a halt, the progress of reconstructing Moonlight Island would get delayed and many people would have to suffer. As if things weren't bad enough, Dragon Empire Group's stock prices had been plummeting ever since the earthquakes. Although Brian did his best to contain the loss, the combined devastation of Crystal Project and Moonlight Island was too much for him to battle against.

The solution to the problem wasn't a mere financial one. It was entangled in issues that concerned not only money but manpower and politics. The true power behind the Dragon Empire Group was Dragon Island. Apart from the Long Family, there were other powerful families seeking to seize control of the island, two of which were the Tang and the Ji Families. It wouldn't be fool

othing in the world could make her forget this moment. Meeting Addison and falling in love with him was the best thing that had ever happened to her. With his love, there was no reason for her to worry.

Her past was already in the past. If he didn't have any problems with her past, why would she remain trapped by it for the rest of her life? She shouldn't have wasted any time worrying about the past in the first place. Should she?

The late summer sun shining triumphantly over the afternoon was as hot as the two enthusiastic hearts. Matthew was enjoying a quiet moment of sun-bathing coupled with a nice cup of coffee.

A sinister smile was plastered on his face.

"Master Matthew, this photo…" Ian asked, "Are we going to release it to the public?"

Smirking faintly, Matthew answered, "Not now." The Crystal Project and the earthquake in Moonlight Island had a huge impact on Dragon Island's public image to the world. Yates would definitely make sure that nothing would go wrong in this crucial period. If he dared to do anything to sabotage the Long Family, he would surely be dead.

Ian heaved a sigh of relief ever so silently. He was afraid that his young master would act out on the spur of the moment without considering the consequences calmly.

"Then… We'll start planning once things on the other side are set?" Ian asked again.

To his surprise, Matthew shook his head. "Ian, are you crazy? We shouldn't dirty our hands over such matters." A cold smile crept onto his face. "As for who will be doing it, I have an idea. Misa is trying to break Addison and Sally up, right? Let us give her this chance!"

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