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   Chapter 1487 Extra Story 90 Of Mark Entanglement

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7380

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Sally froze there for a while, not knowing what was going on. When she came to herself, she was so shocked that she hung up the phone immediately with wide eyes.

A sudden feeling of fear and disgust gripped her so tightly that her breathing came in gasps. Her face turned pale.

The phone rang for the second time. Reluctantly, she looked at the screen on which it showed a familiar number for her. She hung up again without a second thought. 'How did he get my number? How can it be possible?'

The next moment, she got a message, which made her tremble. She swallowed unconsciously as she read the message.

"I don't understand why you resist me so hard? Or, should I say you are avoiding me because you are scared?" Leonardo wrote.

Hands still shaking, Sally quickly deleted the message.

Then another message came in. "I guess you must have deleted the last message. If I am right, would you like to have a lunch with me?"

Sally texted back. "I don't know you well. But whatever mischief you're into, I'm simply not interested. In the first place, your unsolicited texts make you come across as one rude person who doesn't know the first thing about phone etiquette. Where the hell did you get my number from? Stop bothering me. Period!"

It was a stern message, but Leonardo showed a silly smile, as though he was reading something humorous.

Larry, who just finished playing Mortal Combat glanced at him and said, "Stop wasting your time on a cold person. Regardless of your past story with that girl, she now is in love with His Highness. And she is happy as a clam. Why are you still trying to get in the way?"

Leonardo sent one more message, totally ignoring Larry.

He texted, "I'm not giving up on texting, until you accept my invitation. By persistence I must win your love one day. I swear!"

The nagging texts were driving Sally mad. Especially there were reports on TV about an earthquake on Moonlight Island, Leonardo had chosen the wrong time to bother her. Despite his texts being a nuisance, when he didn't receive a response, the creep even had the guts to show up at her house.

"How the hell did you know that I live here?" Sally scowled, with her hands on the d

resources to the limits. Right now, what Addison needed to do was call on neighboring countries for reinforcement and relief aid to the most affected areas.

All infrastructure was severely damaged, including communication, leaving only a few functional local area links. Everything here needed to be solved immediately. The first assistance they received was from the Dragon Island army, bringing in essential supplies including food and medicine.

"Young Master, I think you also need some food and water," Wyatt said, passing a packet of army biscuits and bottle of water.

In fact, he was right. All day long, Addison hadn't eaten anything. Only that the situation right now made him forget that he was starving. Opening his packet of biscuits, he ordered that all teams on rescue and aid teams involved should provide regular status updates for better ordination of the operation. By now, temporary communication equipment had been set up for mission coordination.

The reports coming in showed the damage was even more extensive than he had thought. The rising number of injures meant that more medical aid was required, which Addison knew would put a big strain on the few resources they had gathered.

Meanwhile, someone came in and reported to Wyatt that in an hour, Richie and Shirley would be here. Promptly, Wyatt informed Addison, who was in charge of the entire operation.

"Grandpa and Grandma are on their way coming?" Addison asked, frowning.

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