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   Chapter 1486 Extra Story 89 Of Mark Turmoil

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After hanging up the phone, Addison turned around, went to the study, and turned on his computer. The moment he saw the news updates, his eyes clouded over with anger and hatred.

His cellphone rang again. This time he withdrew his sight from the computer and looked at the screen of his phone. It was Eric calling. He answered the call and placed the phone by his ear. "Uncle Eric, yes I have seen it."

Stroking his forehead helplessly, Eric asked on the phone, "Which problem do you want to deal with?"

Addison fell silent for a while. He knew that both Moonlight Island and Crystal Project were of great significance to the Long Family, and to himself. Moonlight Island was the hometown of Shirley, his grandmother. Crystal Project had been given up by Richie, his grandfather, for the sake of Shirley, and now Brian and Eric were trying their best to resume the project. Addison couldn't allow anything to go wrong with either side.

"I'm going to Moonlight Island," Addison said, after reluctantly coming to a decision.

It was Eric's turn to fall silent. A magnitude-6.7 earthquake had just hit Moonlight Island, and the people there were still expecting the dreaded aftershocks. It was too dangerous at the moment, so he didn't want Addison to go there.

"You take care of Crystal Project. The private airplane will take off in forty minutes," Eric ordered in an apathetic voice.

"Uncle Eric?" Addison frowned, wondering why Eric even bothered to ask him which place he would prefer to go to if he wasn't going to grant his decision.

"I'm giving you an order as the ruler of Dragon Island!" Eric asserted himself in an emotionless voice, but it was enough to express his demand.

Addison's brows furrowed together in surprise, but he had no choice but to obey the ruler's order. "Yes, Your Majesty!" he said, gritting his teeth. As soon as his words faded away, the call was cut off from the other end of the line.

Soon after, Addison heard a noise come from outside the study. As soon as he stood up, he saw Sally standing at the door, her wet hair stuck to her cheeks. Staring at him with confused eyes, she asked, "Did something happen?"

Addison simply nodded his head, intending to hide the urgency of the situation from her by not telling her anything else in detail. He pulled her into his loving embrace and said, "I have to go deal with something. I'll be leaving Dragon Island on a plane in about half an hour. Sally, please don't go anywhere. Just stay right here and wait for me, okay?"

The desperation in his voice sounded like he was almost pleading. As he spoke, the stories about Brian and Molly in their youth came to his mind. It wasn't until now that Addison finally realized how it felt to

hold of him either.

Taken by grief and anxiety, Sally bit her lower lip while constantly looking at the messages sent from Moonlight Island by satellite. She failed to realize how hard she had bitten into her lips until she could taste the metallic taste of blood in her mouth.

Sally clutched onto her cellphone and she kept calling Addison's number, even though the signal wasn't strong enough. Sally had good reasons for feeling worried. Addison was a candidate to the ruler of Dragon Island and the person who was the most likely to become the next ruler of Dragon Island. He would never turn off his cellphone unless it was absolutely necessary. Fifteen hours had passed since he left and Sally still couldn't get through to him.

Usually it would only take about five hours to fly from Dragon Island to Moonlight Island. That meant she had lost contact with him for ten hours.

The more Sally watched the news on the television, the deeper her heart sank. Moonlight Island was the home of the world famous purple flowers, but now it had been reduced to a giant pile of rubble. The earthquake caused heavy casualties, including inhabitants and tourists from various other parts of the world. The sanctity of a human life seemed fragile and delicate, especially in times like these. The line that separated human from mere ants became harder and harder to distinguish.

All of a sudden, Sally's cellphone rang, breaking her train of thoughts. She was startled at first, but then she felt excited right after. She answered the call without even seeing who the caller was. "Addison! Hello? Where are you? How are you?" she asked.

The person on the other end of the line remained quiet for a few seconds, before he finally broke the dreadful silence. "I'm sorry to disappoint you. I'm not Addison. I'm Leonardo!"

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