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   Chapter 1485 Extra Story 88 Of Mark Terror

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Larry had no doubt that this was the most absurd and horrific thing to ever grace his ears. Baffled, he was frozen to the spot, unable to form even a coherent thought in his mind. Forcing the words out of his mouth, he mumbled angrily, "Damn it, Leonardo! Are you telling me that Sally is the girl who almost got raped by you that time you got drugged? What are the odds?"

Leonardo glared at Larry, his face darkening with fury. "Do you want a megaphone to announce it to the whole world?"

Leonardo had been very sensitive about this matter and rightly so. Larry understood how this affected Leonardo. If indeed, Sally was that girl, then things were going to get very complicated. Larry frowned and ran his hand through his hair, while he walked up and down, his mind scrambling with every footstep, searching for anything that could calm the storm that thundered inside him. At last he stopped in front of Leonardo. Looking straight into Leonardo's eyes, Larry said in a very serious tone, "This has to end here and now. Sally or not Sally, for us, that girl never existed. By now, you should already know the Tang and Ji Families' attitude towards the royal family. If what you're saying is real, not only will it destroy Sally, it could even cause a possible shift in the entire political balance of the Dragon Island."

Leonardo scoffed. "And that concerns me how?" As Larry was baffled by his response, Leonardo explained himself quickly. "If Addison can't handle this, he will have to hand in his resignation to the National Congress. As for Sally, if she is indeed that girl, the Shangguan Family will protect her and keep her safe. You'd be joking if you told me that my family couldn't keep a woman safe from harm."

"Okay." Larry heaved a deep sigh. "If it all goes according to your plan, what are you going to tell your brother?"

Leonardo kept silent for a while and then swallowed the last of his beer. "It will be the last time for him to clean up my mess." He ended his sentence with a coldness that could freeze hell over.

"What?" Larry almost choked on his words. The news was so shocking it took his breath away. "Are you saying you will go home?" he asked.

Leonardo nodded leisurely.

Suddenly, it struck Larry that he never really understood this man. All his life Leonardo squandered his money and youth wilfully, hiding his talents while masquerading as a spoiled billionaire playboy. It always seemed like he woul

the night.

Addison reluctantly pulled out of Sally, feeling as though he could never get enough of her. He concealed his smile when he saw the exhaustion on her face. "Go get a shower. I will make some porridge for you. How about that?" His voice was soft with tenderness.

Sally curled up in the bed, crinkling her nose. "I'm so tired. I don't want to move. Don't want to eat or shower!"

"Don't say that. You haven't had your dinner yet." Addison rubbed her back gently. Then he got out of bed abruptly and swept her up in his arms to carry her into the bathroom.

Dumbstruck and blushing red with embarrassment, Sally begged to be put down so she could take a shower by herself. If she allowed him into the bathroom with her, Sally knew that they would end up in bed again. Addison was so vigorous, as if his body was filled with ceaseless, feverish energy. He could make love to her all night, tirelessly.

And now, he was starting to feel slightly aroused again. However, he noticed Sally's state and restrained himself in the end. He drew her up a warm bath before carefully placing her in the bathtub and then walked out.

He sighed, looking down at his unsated desire and put on his robe before heading towards the kitchen. Love and desire have been two inseparable entities since the beginning of mankind. Not to mention the fact that he was facing the woman he loved and wanted to share his life with.

Addison's lips curved in a smile as he thought about this. Suddenly, the ringing of the phone broke his reverie, pulling him away from his train of thought and what would have been a picture-perfect dream.

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