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"Misa, the relationship between you and me will never change!" Addison waggled the glass of wine gently and lowered his eyes. An elusive smile formed and stayed at the corners of his mouth.

In an instant, Misa's face was drained of color. Growing up in her noble family, she had met all kinds of people and attended different types of formal and social occasions. From those special occasions, she would have easily met the perfect suitor, without breaking a sweat. Never would she have imagined desperately pushing herself on a man. But here she was, chasing a man who did not even seem to have any interest in her.

The shame she felt made her wish she could magically vanish from this place, never to set her eyes on him again. In her chest, anger burnt like coals, her heartthrob and breathing picking up speed. It made her breast rise and fall like tumultuous waves in the sea.

Addison raised his eyes. Quietly, his deep eyes fell on her angry face. Slowly, he said, "Misa, I have always considered you as a good friend. I don't want our relationship to go bad. I don't want it to involve anything beyond good friendship, as it has always been." He spoke in a softer tone, but he was firm and didn't allow her room to disagree.

Anyway, Misa regained her composure just in time. Forcing a not-so-bad-looking smile at the corners of her mouth, she said, "Such being the case, I won't push myself on you. I should not abandon my pride."

The look of sheer peace in Addison's eyes was telling. But in fact, he was observing her. Slowly, he said, "In case you are in need, anytime, don't hesitate to let me know. I'll be glad to help in whatever way I can, for the great friend you have always been!"

"Sure, of course," Misa said, raising her eyebrows. She didn't seem to care about him turning her down any longer. "I won't have an issue counting on the help of a friend, any day."

Addison smiled amiably. Maybe they were closer, or maybe they were more distant from each other. Then he tactfully shifted the topic of conversation. The unspoken communication between them showed they had reached an agreement. But both knew this was not a peaceful ending.

Be that as it may, neither of them wanted to speak frankly at the moment. Instead, they left everything to time. Or maybe, time and fate.

"Thank you for the dinner. I appreciate for your time and everything," Misa said. Then she walked forward and placed her cheek against his, in keeping with her cultural, social etiquette. She let the gesture linger for over five seconds, and eventually, gave him a peck on the cheek.

Addison frowned, although

You sound so reasonable!" Sally teased. Despite the sweetness all over her heart, she pushed Addison away. Looking around, she could no longer keep her countenance.

Of course Addison would not let the crowd around them to harass Sally out of their curiosity. With her small hand in his, he hastened his steps, walking away from the neon lights. Tomorrow there would not be any news about what he was doing at the moment. The media would never pull such a bold move without the royal family's consent. But he didn't know how many people were watching him right now. All the same, he wanted to make it known that Sally was his woman and warn off anybody who might have thought of making advances on her.

"Wow! How crazy he is!" Larry sighed. He was leisurely leaning against a black Buggati Veyron. Jokingly, he added, "I didn't imagine that His Highness could be that much crazy over an ordinary woman."

Next to him, Leonardo took a gulp of the beer in his hand. He looked quite gloomy. It broke his heart, seeing how Addison and Sally were getting cozy. It was like someone driving a dagger through his chest. And his heart, as if it was made of delicate glass, shattered into pieces. He wished he could charge forward and separate the two.

After a long pause, Larry realized there was something wrong with Leonardo. So he turned to look at him. "Leonardo, is there any secret between you and Sally? I don't know why, but I feel there is something unusual with you," he said curiously. Larry knew Leonardo very well. A playboy from very early on, Leonardo had never cared about any woman this much.

After taking a swig of beer again, Leonardo squinted tightly, almost like a man in physical pain, and drawled, "Sally maybe that girl..."

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