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   Chapter 1483 Extra Story 86 Of Mark Relationship

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"Let the young people handle their own affairs," said Eric with a cunning smile. His words were directed at Duke Fischer. Then his dark eyes fell on Addison. "I have something to talk with Duke Fischer. You can take your leave."

"Okay," replied Addison. He stood up and nodded with a smile, looking at Duke Fischer. "Duke Fischer, thanks for worrying about Misa and me. I will ask her to dinner tonight."

Fischer knew Addison looked like a gentleman, but if push came to shove, he could be cruel and capable of much worse. That was why Fischer wouldn't force anything on him, especially in front of people. But the Y Country and the Dragon Island had much cooperation in trade exchange. Fischer was sure that Addison wouldn't make him embarrassed. It was not wise for Addison to refuse Misa.

Misa was Duke Fischer's favorite daughter, and by all means, the royal family was willing to support her to inherit his title. What was more, she even had the chance to compete for the throne with Addison's help, and that would, in return, help Addison himself. It was a would-be win-win. Duke Fischer thought both Eric and Addison would be glad to make that happen.

With hearty laughter, he agreed, "Your uncle is right. You young people should handle your own affairs. We won't interfere." Although his words hinted that he would do nothing about Addison and Misa's relationship, his attitude clearly said otherwise. On top of that, he was almost sure about what Addison would do.

Addison didn't say anything but nodded. Then he made eye contact with Eric and went out of the office of the ruler.

Wyatt could feel the cold aura from Addison. 'The Young Master used to be tolerant and determined. He must be pissed off. I can feel he is in a rage, ' he thought.

When Addison went into his office, he dialed a phone number quickly and said, "Make an appointment with Misa." His voice was emotionless. Somehow, he had calmed down, so he directed Wyatt to get to work immediately.

"Okay!" replied Wyatt. Being a wise guy, he didn't ask anything else because he knew what he should do. He went out and called Misa to tell her the place for dinner.

Next, Addison called his mom. Since she did not answer the call immediately, he went to the wine cabinet, took out a glass, and a bottle of fine, old wine. After he filled the g

hy did you ask me out for dinner?" asked Misa. She knew Addison's intentions, but she asked, just on purpose.

Addison smiled but said nothing. He put down the knife and fork and took up the goblet, looking at Misa. "Nothing in particular. I just wanted your company and a little chat over dinner. Being with someone special like you is a reason enough for an evening out." Deep in his eyes, Misa sensed such genuine admiration that she became nervous and shy of his stare. "About our relationship," he added slowly.

The mention of their relationship made Misa blush all over again. She could feel her heart racing in excitement at his sweet words.

"What do you think about the two of us?" Although Misa was born in a not-so-conservative country, right now she was so shy to talk about love. Her voice sounded calm, but in fact she was looking forward to his words. She knew her father went to see Eric. In fact, she was the one who suggested to him the idea of using the trade between their countries as a bargaining point to convince Addison. She was almost sure Addison would consider asking for her hand in marriage.

As long as he didn't openly refuse her, she would find a way to win his heart. Sally was not good enough to stand beside Addison.

Addison knew what Misa was thinking about. If she had been the same girl he knew in school, he wouldn't have a problem keeping their friendship. Also, for the sake of trade cooperation between their two respective countries, he was willing to do anything. But he hated being led by the nose.

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