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   Chapter 1482 Extra Story 85 Of Mark Stalker

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G High School was no less famous than the Royal University here on the Dragon Island. It was an elite school for the rich and had a culture of excellence both in academics and co-curricular activities. Most of its alumni had gone on to attend prestigious universities abroad and settled into illustrious careers afterwards.

Like most former students, when Sally graduated, she had fond memories etched on her mind for the great impact the school had left on her. It was nostalgic. She walked down a path lined with trees. Cicadas chirped merrily from the trees and lush plants that filled every corner of the school, lending the place a refreshing view of nature.

Suddenly she saw something that made her stop. Slowly a smile crept on her face, making the comers of her lips and eyes lift involuntarily. Memory rushed back in her mind. When she was still a student here, she had taken Addison for street snacks once.

"You brought me here for this?" Addison lifted off his sunglasses and gave her a wide smile. He was dressed for disguise in a black baseball cap embossed with a white dollar sign and trendy D-shape sunglasses. On the Dragon Island he was a celeb with quite a fan-base.

Sally's pony tail brushed lightly against her neck as she nodded. "My treat!"

"Are you sure?"

"Sure," Sally replied pleasantly. "I don't get too much pocket money from my dad, but the snacks here aren't beyond my means. I guess I can get you a treat, right?" With that she pulled him toward an eatery which offered hot and sour rice noodles.

Addison was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He grew up abroad, away from his father Brian, but Spark always made sure there was the very best of everything for him. Even after he returned to the island and legally entitled as an heir to the throne, he still spent a good deal of time traveling around sampling exotic cuisines.

At first, Sally was afraid that Addison's exposure to places so bourgeois would make every cafe around here seem rough and ready. She let out a sigh of relief when he sat down and ate with a relish.

As if he had read what was on her mind, Addison said half-jokingly, "Mom is a frequent customer of these roadside snack bars, much in love with their food." Comparing the food to what he ate during field training sessions, this was a pretty decent meal. That experience on the field had taught him much more about food than all the expensiv

breathing and took out her phone. It was from Wyatt. Frowning, she answered.

"Miss Li," Wyatt said in a voice a drab mechanical voice. "Young Master will have to work late for issues in the meeting. He won't be able to have dinner with you. But he already booked for you a meal and insists that you shouldn't skip. And..." After a short pause, he added, "And he wants you to stay at home waiting for him."

Sally was disappointed at first, but soon the emotion gave way to blushing. She felt her face heating up. "Okay, got it!" she said flatly and ended the call. The heat on her face increased and her heart was filled with euphoria. All the fear Leonardo had brought her was gone.

There was nothing to fear. She shouldn't have panicked in the first place.

In Eric's office, Addison snuggled on the couch. Eric was wearing an unfathomable smile, his posture casual and relaxed.

Seated opposite Addison, Fischer looked at Eric with a wide smile and resumed, "I have sent Misa away for a while, so we can have a talk about this." Arrogance was part of his DNA and it showed in his often careless choice of words and manners. "When it comes to love, we are all at the mercy of fate. I can't talk someone into love. If Addison isn't interested, he and Misa can still be friends. But I'm afraid that you have to tell her yourself." He finished his sentence, smiling as he regarded Addison with his foxy eyes.

Addison sneered inwardly. Fischer came up to the National Congress and deliberately brought this up in front of Eric. He did all this to make sure that Addison couldn't say no to his request.

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