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   Chapter 1481 Extra Story 84 Of Mark A Haunting Ghost

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9995

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Sally put away her cellphone and looked at the woman sitting opposite her. She didn't want to see the woman at all, but the woman kept passing in front of her eyes, just like a haunting ghost.

"Princess Misa," Sally greeted her with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth. "What a small world!"

Misa ordered a cup of coffee from the waiter. Then fixating her arrogant eyes on Sally, she said slowly, "Yeah. What a coincidence!"

Sally burst into a chuckle, a sarcastic one. Maybe she would come to such a small cafe frequently, but she didn't believe Misa would ever enter such a humble place.

"Here is your coffee, please." The waiter placed a cup of coffee on the table in front of Misa.

Misa nodded slightly to him. Then she took a few large-denomination banknotes out of her wallet and paid, leaving the waiter a handsome tip. Sally slightly smiled, without uttering a word.

She knew that one banknote was enough to pay for the most expensive coffee in the cafe. Misa must be the most generous customer the waiter had ever met. With all those bucks, maybe the guy would throw a part for his colleagues.

Not to overthink, Sally chose to enjoy her coffee silently. Deep inside, she knew that Misa had only come here to declare war against her. But Sally was smart at this game, and she knew that ignoring Misa would work just perfectly for now.

Seeing that Sally was taking her coffee in peace, without showing the slightest hint of concern, Misa sneered silently. But she had come here to solve the problem, so there was no need pretending. "Just name a price!" she finally said, taunting.

"What price?" Sally asked. She pretended to not understand what Misa meant.

Misa gritted her teeth, arrogance showing all over her face. Her royal birth aside, her mannerisms and aggressive tendencies often took the better of her. Right now, she was behaving like a hopeless cheap girl who would fight over a man that didn't even give a damn about her. "Of course I mean the price for you to leave him," she blurted out in a cold voice. After taking a pause, she continued, "Aren't you clinging to Addison only because of his money? How much do you want? Tell me!"

In derision, Sally burst into laughter. She now believed that this girl, despite her royal birth, had a brain full of shit. The level of desperation in Misa's antics was something Sally would have never imagined in her wildest dreams. 'Why is this girl being so obtuse?' she wondered.

"Well, if you think it's all about money, then I guess you can't even figure out the head or tail of what you're dealing with." Looking surprisingly unflustered, she set her head back a few inches and took a calculated pause to let her words sink in. Then she feigned interest and added, "Tell me, how much do you think I'd swap him for?"

In her infatuation, Misa believed that Sally was just a gold digger who only stuck with Addison for money. "Yes. You only have to make a price!" she said.

Playing along, Sa

him on phone had lifted her mood.

Standing by the roadside on this busy street, she took a deep breath thinking on where to go. An idea popped into her mind about her former high school. She could take a walk there for a recollection of her old days. First, she decided to have a snack in one of the restaurants around the school.

However, as soon as she sat down at a table in a steamed vermicelli roll bar, two more unexpected people bumped into her. She hadn't imagined that she would come across Leonardo here.

Leonardo hadn't expected she would be here either.

"Oh my God! You must have planned to meet her here?" Larry mumbled, looking at Leonardo with skeptical eyes.

But Leonardo shot him a warning glance, careful not to scare Sally away. He only nodded to Sally as a greeting. Then he pulled Larry to sit down at another table.

"Well, the headmaster of G High School gave me a call today, saying that they have an anniversary coming up in a couple of days," Larry said. "So they invited me as an alumni to come back and give two lectures. I won't be able to accompany you by then."

Leonardo rolled his eyes, without agreeing or disagreeing. He just said in a lazy tone, "Since this is my alma mater too, I hope I can tag along."

"You?" Larry said with a disdainful look on his face. "Have you forgotten? You had one of the worst school records this place has ever had. What example would you be giving if you come back? Do you think there's anything the school would want her students to emulate from you?"

Reflexively, Leonardo took a look at Sally. Thank goodness, she didn't hear what they said and wasn't even paying attention to them. "Shut the hell up!" he said, putting on a genuinely stern face. "That was only because I didn't think my future lay in education. And I guess you can attest to that after all these years. Prove me wrong! Have you ever seen me on a job that requires brains over brawn?" he asked with a self-deprecating humorous touch.

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