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   Chapter 1480 Extra Story 83 Of Mark Rejection

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"You said whom?" At once, Larry was as sober as a jaybird.

However, Leonardo, who wasn't surprised at all, mentioned Sally again.

"Leonardo, what's wrong with you?" Unable to hold his anger, Larry fumed over the phone. "Don't you know Sally is Addison's girl? It's already a well-known fact. Do you think I'm a fool to go snooping on the boss and his girl? Shut the hell up and leave me alone! I'm even ashamed to have a crazy friend like you!"

Despite Larry not picking subsequent calls, Leonardo cursed and taunted him. He kept dialing until Larry finally picked the call. "Little Larry, is this your way of saying that you no longer care about me?"

"Phew! Get off my shoulders, boy. You are not my wife or child that I spend my time and energy, thinking about your welfare. I don't give a damn what you feel about me. Just don't bother me!" Before hanging up the phone, he added, "Keep in mind, Leonardo. Never try to piss Sally off! If you are not in right mind, I guess you don't want to mess with Addison's girl. Or else, he'll roast your sorry ass for that mischief. Worse still, if Robert finds out that you pissed Addison off, you can rest assured, you'll be as good as dead. I guess that's something you'd wish to avoid, especially in the interest of your dad."

"Didn't you just say we are no longer friends? So why would you be so concerned about me again?" Leonardo questioned in a casual manner.

The next statement almost drove Larry crazy. In a fit of rage, he cursed and hang it up.

Leonardo didn't call back this time, but his lips curved into an evil smile. "It seems quite interesting," he murmured to himself, with his eyes filling with a sense of glee. "What should I do? Curiosity killed the cat." He made meowing sounds as he went, at the back of your mind, wondering about Sally. "Why is she is so afraid of me?" he mumbled to himself. "Is it because..." Now looking serious, he touched his chin, lost in thought. "I look like my elder brother, so... Probably Sally knows him already, and she's mistaking me for him. Well... It doesn't make sense, either."

Confusion gnawing at his heart, he jerked up his shoulders up and angrily shook his head, trying to steady his emotions. "If that was the case, then they must have met at the party. Generally, Sally was a spontaneous outgoing personality. She could strike conversations, even with strangers." He curled his lips into a slight depression, got into the car and drove

ared distracted. She had difficulty calming herself down while watching all the hustle and bustle outside.

The unexpected ringing of her phone took her by surprise. Without thinking, she picked it up and lowered her voice with an apologetic face after checking the surrounding people. "Hello?"

"Have you been caught stealing?" Addison teased over the phone.

Sally curled her lips, and tried to conceal her depression despite having a hard time. "I'm at the cafe."

Addison widened his smile. "Since you're bored, why not go shopping or have afternoon tea with my mom?"

"I..." Sally fumbled to make up an excuse, but she failed, so she lowered her eyes and went on, "I'm late."

"Well, my mom will understand." Addison's voice sounded somewhat odd. "Since you slept late yesterday."

At the mention of last night, Sally blushed without even noticing it. "What are you calling for? You've said you got a lot to do at National Congress this morning."

"I just took a break to check on how you're doing." Addison sounded peacefully gentle.

Before Sally could speak, he said something else that interrupted her line of thought. So instead, she said, "I'm fine, just killing time. But you can go on with your work."

"Okay." Addison responded. "I'll call you as soon as I've finished the work here."

"Alright!" Sally answered. Just when she hang up the phone, from the corner of her eye she caught sight of a guy sitting next to her. On instinct, she turned around with an arched eyebrow. Who the heck would scare her like that in public? But the moment she realized who it was, the raised eyebrow gave way to a squint.

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