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   Chapter 1479 Extra Story 82 Of Mark Reunion

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The woman approached Leonardo intently, like a cougar did its prey. When she spoke, her distinctively cold voice had a natural implication for menace, yet she maintained a peculiar charm which bedazzled most men. "Are you such a person that are not attractive enough?" The left side of her faint red lip tugged upwards creating a sinister smirk on her flawless face, casting a spell of lust to eyes that dared look her way. Leaning forward ever so gracefully, she kissed Leonardo's cheek and whispered, "What do you think?"

Leonardo's face contorted with anger, his eyes had frozen over like the surface of a winter puddle, robbing them of their usual warmth. "Well, I can agree to that." His face wrinkled when he squinted his eyes at her suspiciously, as if attempting to discern a particular feature of her body. "I wonder how you got those marks on your body? Wait, let me guess!" Tapping his finger on his chin in a pensive mood, he mocked her with his demeaning acting. Then, he looked straight at her and said, "Is it possible that you've contracted some kind of disease from one of the countless random guys you've had drunk, meaningless sex with? Gee, I didn't think you'd have such a crass hobby. Women nowadays don't know how to be decent anymore!" He shook his head compassionately, but the mockery in his intent was clear and obvious. Slightly tilting his head, he gazed at the woman, who was annoyed by his words; the satisfaction in his eyes was palpable. His crooked lips transformed into a sneer and then a contemptuous smile. "Such hobbies can be fatal, even in small doses! You should get that checked up before it gets really bad!" Satisfied by the dishing he just unleashed on her, he turned his back to her and strutted to the bathroom. Before long, the sound of running water pervaded the room.

The woman gnashed her teeth in mad rage as she watched the blurry figure behind the glass door. Even then, she stood there patiently, waiting for him to come out.

After a while, when Leonardo stepped out of the shower and saw her standing there, he seemed completely unsurprised. He nonchalantly scrubbed his hair with a towel and said, "Look, I know that I have a reputation for being a playboy, but I am quite serious when it comes to choosing a mate. Go back and tell the person who sent you here that my forgiveness only comes once. I won't be so nice next time!" He hurled the towel on top of the bed and casually walked to the wardrobe to get dressed. Treating her as if she wasn't even there, Leonardo changed into his clothes without even casting a single glance at her. "By the way, if y

t the second time around, she was clearly conscious of resisting him. This time, it was the same case.

Why? "Have we

met before?" Leonardo asked her in a curious manner. "Why do you always look so afraid to see me? Have I done something to frighten you?" The corners of his mouth hid a snarky smirk. The one that revealed him to be a rascal.

Sally's reaction, however, was completely far from Leonardo's expectation. Without uttering a single word, she ran away like a frightened rabbit. This behavior of hers told him that he must have done something so bad that she felt compelled to avoid him on impulse.

"Am I really that ugly in your eyes?" Leonardo yelled at Sally as she ran away. Watching her scamper away, almost tripping up by her own steps, Leonardo scratched his head in confusion and said, "I just want to get to know you, that's all!" Turning away in disappointment, he hopped into the car and called someone on his cellphone.

"Sir, what can I do for you?" The voice on the other end of the line sounded hung-over and sleep-deprived.

"You're still asleep? I almost got sexually assaulted by some woman yesterday!" Leonardo spat in disdain. "Look what you've done! That driver you arranged slept in my bed last night!"

"What? Are you kidding me?" The man sprang up at Leonardo's words. "Really?"

"Do I sound like I am joking?" Leonardo snorted. "Tell me your side of it. How are you going to fix this?"

The man on the other side of the phone shouted venomously, "I see! You are going to put the blame on me! Ok, fine, tell me what do you want?"

Leonardo smiled happily, and said, "Help me gather information on a woman called Sally Li. If you do your job well, I will forgive you in a generous manner."

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