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   Chapter 1478 Extra Story 81 Of Mark A Woman

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The sound of laughter and clinking wine glasses that filled the room made the gathering even more interesting. Unfortunately, like all good things, the party had come to an end. Misa should have been the main focus of the party. However, after Addison walked in with Sally and announced their relationship, everyone's attention went towards Sally. In comparison to Misa, she seemed more like a host than a guest.

It appeared that Sally was not happy about that. Sally knew that those people wouldn't be friends with her if it weren't for Addison. In the ladies' room, Misa's insult made her realize that most people who came from rich or powerful families were conceited and wouldn't think twice about using their wealth and power to demean people. Such was the nature of the games they liked to play.

Matthew's presence also made Sally deeply uncomfortable. Judging by the few times she had met Matthew in the past, Sally wasn't particularly fond of him. Her disliking could be attributed to his rude and vengeful personality. Sally caught him glancing at her several times tonight, which led her to believe that he was planning to do something bad to her. Or perhaps, Addison, to be more precise.

"What are you thinking about?" Addison asked as he walked along the beach of the Dragon Island, holding Sally's hand. He thought it would be best not to drive since he had had some wine, but he also didn't ask Wyatt to pick them up.

Sally shook her head gently and smiled. "Nothing."

"You know, I can tell that you're lying!" Instead of looking Sally in the eye, Addison kept his eyes in the front. It wasn't hard for him to figure out that something was bothering Sally.

Sally tried to force her lips into a smile, but they ended up pouting. "You're right. I was lying!" Before Addison could say anything, she broke loose from his hand and taunted him, "Catch me if you can!" The moment she finished her sentence, she darted, leaving behind a trail of laughter.

Addison was glad to see a happy Sally. "When I catch you, I am going to teach you a lesson," he said, as he ran after her laughing.

It was dark outside, a full moon's light was dimmed and distorted by wisps of fog that settled and rose again. The rhythmic sound of waves washing onto the rocks complimented Sally's short and cheerful laughter.

Suddenly, a car drove past an unsuspecting Sally. It was none other than Leonardo. There were several other men in his car. They were going to go around all the karaoke bars in the Dragon Island. All they ever did was talk about wome

e turned to his side, having sensed something strange. Taken by curiosity, when he turned his face around, he caught a pair of innocent but attractive eyes staring back at him. "Who are you? What are you doing in my bed?"

"That's not what a woman likes to hear after a night of crazy sex," replied the woman. Her voice was calm and collected; neither sad nor excited.

Leonardo scanned her thoroughly with his eyes. The woman was completely naked in his bed. Judging by the purple bruises on her body, he assumed he must have been aggressive in bed.

Leonardo wasn't expecting to have sex with a woman after he got drunk last night.

The mystery surrounding the matter made him anxious. Suddenly, he sat up straight and said, pointing at the woman, "Is this some sort of joke? You must be kidding me! This doesn't make sense!" Infuriated, Leonard paced around the room in circles, scrambling in his mind to recall the events from last night.

He remembered finding a designated driver to drive him back to the hotel. He even remembered checking the room number before he went to bed. 'Where did this woman come from? When did I take her clothes off?' he wondered.

Suddenly, he realized something and shouted at the woman, "You must have been the designated driver!" He wasn't expecting the driver to be a woman. Her unannounced appearance in his hotel room was out of his expectation.

Leonardo's angry face made that woman smile. She sat up and slipped into a see-through night-robe. "Congratulations! You've got that right," she said, arrogantly pushing his chin up with her finger. She was deliberately acting strange.

Leonardo smiled and asked, "Who sent you here? Tell me the truth!"

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