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   Chapter 1477 Extra Story 80 Of Mark A Warning

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"You look amazing in that dress," Misa sighed while observing Sally up and down in the mirror with her blue eyes. Sally was dressed in a water blue round collar knee-length dress. It seemed to have a simple design, but the gilding chain with a unique pattern around her waist made the entire dress conspicuous. Misa had seen the dress before. She remembered it was a new arrival of Only Memory, a brand whose products were all limited editions.

Sally felt a little shy when Misa mentioned the dress. Out of embarrassment, she said, "Thank you. Addison's mom insisted on buying me this when we went shopping together this afternoon." The smile at the corners of her mouth became wider when she remembered how kind Molly was to her.

It was widely known that a good mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship was not an easy one to make. Sally thought that she would have a hard time getting along with Addison's mother, especially because he came from a very powerful and rich family. However, much to Sally's great surprise, Addison's mother turned out to be very genial. The way Molly looked at her made Sally feel like she was looking at her own daughter rather than her daughter-in-law-to-be.

The more Misa listened, the faster her smile disappeared from her face. The kindness she showed to Sally some moments ago seemed to have vanished along with her smile. In a cold voice, she sneered, "Yeah." With her arms crossed over her chest, Misa walked around Sally while observing her. "When I was having lunch with some friends today, I heard them talk about Addison being involved with a woman. I didn't take their words seriously at that time, but that changed when I saw you this evening. I guess the woman they were referring to is you, right?"

Sally's acute sensitivity and responsiveness enabled her to read other people's mind by simply observing the

MIsa had no idea that Sally would be so hard to subdue. 'How dare she! Isn't she just an orphan? Where did she find the courage to stand up against me?' Misa wondered. Gritting her teeth, Misa forced a polite smile on her face and said, "You've misunderstood me. The truth is, I want to make friends with you."

Sally smiled back at Misa and said, "I see. I think I understand what you mean. Love rivals can be seen as friends too, in a sense."

Misa could no longer maintain the smile on her face. Perhaps being an overbearing princess was a part of Misa's daily routine, but Sally wasn't going to excuse her rude behavior without a fight. After all, Sally had been in prison for seven years. During that time she had to learn how to act according to certain situations in order to prevent herself from getting in trouble with others.

"You two seem to have been away for a century!" One of the guests giggled when he saw the two women return to the table. "Misa, did you teach Sally a lesson?"

Misa rolled her eyes and said, "I guess your brain is made of starch."

Everybody else at the table burst into laughter. With a meaningful smile at the corners of his mouth, Matthew stared at Sally with eyes darkened in pent up anger.

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