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   Chapter 1476 Extra Story 79 Of Mark A Warning

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At night, the view of Dragon Island's scenic cityscape could render anyone breathless. As an island that prided itself on having the lowest rate of industrial pollution, its great achievements in economic development drew attention from all over the world. However, like many other developed countries, debauchery and social class division ran deep in its veins, despite the innocence and purity in its appearance.

Indeed, it was a rare sight to see Henrik and Matthew drinking together, but that was what they were doing now. Since the party was being hosted by Addison, both Henrik and Matthew had to attend in order to show their good will. Apparently, the main purpose of the party was to welcome Princess Misa. Most people in the guest list were old friends and acquaintances she got along well with over the years and had kept contact with till now.

Addison didn't leave for the party with Misa. Instead, he asked a driver to take Misa to the place where the party took place, while he drove himself with Eric keeping him company in the front passenger's seat. Misa naively assumed that Addison must have had something important to talk about with Eric, which was why she didn't mind going to the party alone in a car Addison had arranged for her.

However, the truth was far from what she had expected. When Addison walked into the hall with Sally's hand in his, a wide array of mixed emotions were visible in Misa's blue eyes.

"Addison, who is your companion? Why haven't you introduced her to us yet?" Some people began teasing Addison. They were either Misa's former roommates or Addison's former classmates.

With a calm smile on his face, Addison took a glance at Sally, who looked somewhat shy but had an easy manner. He said, "This is Sally Li. Yes, we've been seeing each other for some time now. She is my girlfriend!"

As soon as the word "girlfriend" slipped out of his mouth, the room was filled with a combination of shocked gasps and joyous cheers. However, the smile on Matthew's face hinted at something else rather than joy or apprecia

he stood up and walked away with her handbag.

Misa stood up abruptly and said, "Sally, let's go together." She spoke in a friendly manner, creating the illusion of intimacy between the two.

Some of the people present thought that Misa would dislike Sally since she had romantic feelings for Addison. However, they all gave up on the idea of witnessing a drama when they saw both women getting along well with each other at dinner.

However, they all had a tacit understanding of Misa's behavior. It was unnecessary for them to express their opinions explicitly. Perhaps Misa really liked Sally as she seemed to, or maybe she was just pretending. As a member of a noble family, her upper class upbringing didn't allow her to act rudely in public.

"Okay," Sally said with a smile on her face. Then she went to the ladies' room together with Misa.

Addison turned his head around to glance at the two women before they disappeared from his sight. His eyes darkened, but he didn't mention anything about them. He carried on chatting with the people around him as if he hadn't noticed Sally and Misa's interaction with each other. He strongly believed that if Sally really wanted to be with him, she would have to face up to these challenges sooner or later. They couldn't have a happy life together unless she was willing to believe in him. This much he was certain of.

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