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   Chapter 1474 Extra Story 77 Of Mark Brian's Abilities

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9339

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"I'm sick!"

Sally complained aloud. "The doctor said that I'm fine now!"

She was getting even more disgruntled.

"You are being too nice to my rival in love. And you even have the guts to treat her out to dinner!" Sally exclaimed.

"Yes, of course!" Addison answered with a cheeky smile. Then stroking her playfully, he added, "But you can stave off my interest in her if you can satisfy me right here and now."

Sally was left speechless. She noticed that whenever she was alone with Addison, he would suddenly become obsessive. "But you said that you were to go to the National Congress. Can't you see, you'll need to save time?"

"Yeah. The meeting kicks off at 10 pm. Right now it's only 8 pm," Addison said in a low voice. "It will only take me thirty minutes to reach the National Congress, so I still have more than one hour to spare. Let us use this chance. Making love will be a good exercise to help me ease tension before I leave."

Eventually, Sally gave in to his advances.

After making love, Sally snuggled into his arms and fell asleep, while he gently stroked through her hair with his fingers. 'Her hair isn't long, ' he thought. 'Probably she had to cut her hair short in the jail. In the past, she liked to have pony tails. When she walked, the tail would swing left and right cutely.'

Perhaps men had a natural affection for women's hair. He had such a special feeling just by smelling and stroking her hair.

His thoughts were interrupted by his phone's vibration. He quickly reached for the phone and switched to silent mode. Turning back to take a look at the girl, he heaved a sigh when he didn't see any sign of her waking up. Then he quietly pulled his hand away from under her neck, grabbed a robe to cover his naked body, and went to the lobby to pick up the call.

"Sir," Wyatt said. "He's rather tough."

Standing by the window, Addison gazed at the city's skyline. But instead of the sparkling lights at night cheering him up, his eyes turned dark. "He didn't say anything?"

"No." Wyatt sounded a bit helpless. "He's been trained."

Addison knew what Wyatt meant. The man they were dealing with was not some spineless novice from whom they could extract information. He must have been trained for this job both physically and mentally. By all means, he was prepared to die protecting whatever secret he was trusted with. The XK Intelligence Agency and Shadow Organization also trained their members for success in business. They trained soldiers and the cream of intelligence agents.

"I want him to live," Addison ordered. After Wyatt agreed to his direction, Addison ended the call.

A few seconds later, he dialed another number. "Dad, do you have time?"

Brian took a glance at Molly, who was having fun chatting with Hedy, and

ushed as she instinctively tried to grab something to cover her body up.

"Is there any part of your body that I haven't seen yet?" Standing near the bed, Addison enjoyed savoring her breath-taking beauty. Only when he saw the light marks on her body did he begin to feel her pain. "If I don't have to go to lunch later, I'll first devour you!" Sally's blushed even more. Afraid that he wouldn't be able to control himself, Addison heaved a sigh and said, "Change your clothes now. We're going to eat."

"Okay..." Sally went to the cloakroom with a bashful look.

With so many clothes of various leading designs for all kinds of occasions, she was spoiled for choice. A sense of warmth slowly crept into her heart. He had always been so meticulous; he would prepare everything nicely for her without her explicitly demanding.

Her sizes were of course measured by Addison's own hands. Trying several on, Sally stood in front of the mirror and caught a glimmer in Addison's eyes. "You look stunning!" he complimented. Then after a moment's thought, he added, "I'm glad to know that my measurements were spot on."

At first Sally didn't catch his drift. When she realized what he had meant, her face blushed again.

"Let's go now." Grinning, Addison pulled her hand.

"Where are we going?" she asked as she followed along. Then a few steps on, she again inquired, "Why are you so free today? How can you still have time to eat lunch with me? If you have to attend other things, it's okay. Though the Dragon Island has changed a lot over the years, I'm still familiar with this place."

When they were in the lift, Addison put on a mystical smile and said, "I can't miss this one. My parents want to see you."

The smile on Sally's face froze. It was only when the lift opened again that she finally realized what she just heard. "What did you say?"

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