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   Chapter 1472 Extra Story 75 Of Mark A Rival In Love

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Matthew had finally come to realize that he had been made a fool of all along. Unfortunately, his realization came too late and there was nothing he could do to change the situation he was in right now. Yates had given him a fair warning. He was completely forbidden from taking a hand in any matter regarding Addison and Sally.

The atmosphere that prevailed was thick with uneasy vibrations. Henrik raised his head slightly and said, "Now that we've come to an agreement, let's have a toast!" He pulled the bottle of wine from the ice bucket and poured a glass for Addison and then one for himself. Henrik smiled, raising his glass to the air, and then gave the other two a nod of the head.

When their eyes met, they silently agreed on the conditions of peace with a nod back. Addison was to give up his attack on Matthew's career and his support for Henrik to some extent. In return, neither Matthew nor Henrik would interfere with Sally's life in the future.

Henrik had been quick to figure out Sally and Addison's relationship before, which was why he was not surprised to see that the Ji Family had been oppressed by the National Congress in various ways during the two weeks of Addison's absence. However, Matthew's case was far different from Henrik's. He didn't realize what was going on until Yates put pressure on him. Despite his recklessness, Matthew did have one good virtue—he would always act in accordance to the current course of events. Beating the enemy at the cost of great harm to himself was not a method he was particularly fond of. He understood the importance of living to fight another day.

After closing talks of business, the three men began chatting casually. The atmosphere around them was still tense, but it was a big improvement from what it had been before.

Matthew felt extremely frustrated. After all, he had meticulously cooked up many schemes, but because of a series of his own mistakes, he would no longer have the chance to implement any of them. In the nature o

onds," Wyatt reported. His surprised expression indicated that he wasn't expecting Addison to come back so soon. "The doctor ran some tests on her earlier. All the toxins have been completely removed from her body and will no longer pose any threat to her. But..." He took a pause, hesitating to speak. It was not until he saw Addison's frown that he continued, "Judging by the test results, the doctor found that Miss Li's womb has suffered trauma from an external force, which may cause excessive spasms. This means that she could be suffering from recurrent abortion in the future..."

Immediately, Addison shot an intense glare at Wyatt. Wyatt had no choice but to nod back silently, indicating that the doctor was speaking the truth.

Addison gradually squinted his eyes, giving out two rays of horrifying light. Slowly, he asked, "Is there anything we can do to prevent it from happening?"

"We won't know until the expert consultation is done tomorrow," Wyatt answered.

Addison closed his eyes in great pain. After a while, he finally fluttered his eyelids open but the anger in his eyes was still visible. In silence, he stared at Sally, who was sound asleep. While the atmosphere inside the ward became increasingly intense, he withdrew his sight slowly and ordered Wyatt, "Go back to Shadow Organization. I will stay here."

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