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   Chapter 1471 Extra Story 74 Of Mark Secret War

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To Misa, all her memories of Dragon Island were beautiful with joy, but with one exception—Hedy, the source of her nightmare. That girl was the most discourteous princess she had ever seen.

Having noticed a hint of disapproval on Misa's face, Addison couldn't help but smile. "Hedy has always been a naughty girl. I was once a victim as well." When he thought of the past, his smile even widened. York and Hedy were the progeny of the ever Eric and his boisterous wife. It wasn't hard to imagine how naughty the kids would be if they took after their parents' personalities. Anyone who had heard their fancy names would probably think that they were sweet, graceful kids. However, the truth was the complete opposite. Anyone that ever fell to the pranks of the two brats would live to remember the stark reality.

Misa had wished for a private dinner with Addison, but her wish didn't come true. Despite Misa's reluctance, she didn't show any dissatisfaction on her face and smiled politely.

When the car was leisurely driving through the streets of the Dragon Island with the car windows rolled down, Misa thought to herself, 'The place is still affluent, but something has changed.'

"I remember the photos you gave me last time you visited us. Seems there have been some changes since then?" Misa exclaimed.

"Right." Addison wore his usual composure on his face. "These couple of years, I have implemented a few new policies to boost the productivity of the country." As he spoke, he looked sideways. They were at the Empire Hospital.

For a second, Addison thought of paying a visit to the woman in the hospital. But he brushed off that thought right away.

The dinner was quite casual, at least to the adults.

In truth, something hidden was happening.

Hedy was wearing a big grin, but she cast a sharp glance at Misa, which seemed to suggest, 'Addison isn't going to like you anyway.'

Misa mischievously smiled back, which seemed to reply, 'Well. Let's see!'

Trying to keep their monkey tricks under the rudder, Hedy put on another seemingly harmless smile. 'Addison is a conservative person. He won't fall in love with a foreigner.'

Misa seemed to withdraw for a second, but soon she came to her usual confident self. 'I'm the only one who can match his status! And I'm the only one who can help him as well.'

Rolling her eyes, Hedy argued back, 'If a man needs a woman's help, why would the woman fall in love with the man in the first place?'

Misa tightened her grip on the glass. Some anger crept into her eyes as she stared at Hedy. However, this wasn't the place to turn the secret chat into a real war. Hedy was quite smart today. From the very start till the very end, she acted like a real princess—graceful and dignified. Only when no one was watching would she gesture or steal a wink at Misa. She just wanted to provoke Misa. 'Well. Do you think I'm stupid?' Misa thought to herself when she discovered Hedy's little tricks.

The anger that was burning in her heart was soon suppressed down. Seeing that her agenda had failed, Hedy became somewhat disappointed. Looking down, she focu

The Tang Family was probably the second largest family in the Dragon Island. Of course at the top was the Long Family. As a family member of the Tang Family, Matthew had always been proud. The nouveau riche was one phrase that he often put people down with. In truth, his mother was indeed a nouveau riche. In his childhood, he was living with her mother and had grown up in a lower-class family. They were only slightly better than living from hand to mouth. And along the way, he had picked up quite some bad habits.

Now that he had a high social status as a Tang family member, he hated when people judged his past. That was unacceptable.

Henrik sensed the tension in the room and started, "Matthew, you're not here to quarrel with Addison, right?" This was a clear warning. It would do him no good to argue back with Addison.

He was about to counter back, but then, noticing that he had crossed the line, he swallowed back his words. Indeed, he didn't mean to have an argument with Addison. He was here to solve a problem.

In a cold tone, Addison started, "What I want is really simple." He briefly paused and glanced at Matthew. "I don't want any negative news about Sally."

He was being absolutely truthful.

Henrik looked down and put on a light smile, but Matthew was at a loss. Why on earth would he have anything to do with Sally?

"Sorry, what do you mean?" Matthew asked in confusion.

Smiling, Addison stated, "I won't meddle with Tang Family's matters. And too, I do not want anyone to meddle in my business either." As he spoke, his eyes turned solemn.

Matthew finally realized the true intention of Addison's chess with Uncle Yates before he left the Dragon Island.

"I didn't expect you to fall in love with a woman with such a terrible past," Matthew sneered, but he still had some doubt. 'When did Sally and Addison come together? I thought the woman was completely uninterested, ' he wondered.

Suddenly, his pupils dilated, his eyes filling with shock. Gritting his teeth, he squeezed a few words out. "You and Sally…you knew each other!"

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