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   Chapter 1470 Extra Story 73 Of Mark Company

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Meanwhile, Addison and Misa walked around the campus. Since it was a summer break, there were just a few people around. They could hear the chirping of cicadas. The sunlight passed between leaves and reflected to their bodies, as if gold chips were sprinkled at them.

"I vividly remember that shortly after I came here, there was an oral English competition at our college," Misa said. All of a sudden, she stopped in her tracks after she found the small playground ahead. "It was held right over there," she said, pointing at the playground. The smile at the corners of her mouth became more visible. She now looked more beautiful than a Barbie doll. "I didn't expect that I, a native English speaker, would be beaten by you," she said, turning her sight to Addison, who was standing beside her.

Addison responded with a faint smile. He also seemed to recall the memory. He explained, "First of all, I lived in Britain during my childhood for a couple of years. Second, many rare and significant topics were included in the competition which I already knew with but you unfortunately didn't." As he spoke, his smile became more visible too. His playful side overpowered his usual firm self. "Besides, for example, probably none of the Chinese people could guarantee that he or she knows all the Chinese characters."

"What about you?" Misa asked jokingly.

Shrugging, Addison answered also jokingly, "I'm not a dictionary, so obviously, I don't know all of them."

Misa had received a full cultural education. Besides, as a former exchange student of Dragon Island, she knew the origin of the ancestors of citizens on the Dragon Island quite well. And of course she knew how thick a dictionary in their language was. It was impossible to memorize, let alone dictate with utter prowess.

"Addison, you haven't changed at all. You're still such an arrogant asshole," Misa sighed, fixing her fascinated eyes on Addison. "And your wisecracks would not embarrass other people, just the same as before."

Addison responded to her with a faint smile once again. After giving a hint to Misa with his eyes in a gentle manner

dents from a variety of departments in the university. And apparently, she is one of the outstanding first group of candidates."

Misa smiled as a response, without further question. She clearly knew that many other women wanted to stand by Addison's side, but she believed that none of them was going to be able to bring more benefits and assistance to him than her. She was quite self-confident about that.

Addison went on and joined Misa to walk around. They went to several spots that Misa liked. While they were walking, Addison received updates from Wyatt every now and then. He didn't set his mind at rest until he was told that Sally was completely fine now.

"Has the doctor confirmed when she will wake up?" he asked in a text.

Wyatt answered in a short message too, "Not yet. Probably tomorrow?"

"Did something come up?" Misa asked when she found Addison holding intently at his cellphone.

Addison put the cellphone into his pocket and shook his head. "Nope. Just checking the time. It's five o'clock. I've booked a restaurant. Let's have dinner together."

"Just the two of us?" Misa asked, expecting a positive answer.

"No. We'll be joined by my parents and Duke Fischer," Addison answered. "And also Uncle Eric and his wife, as well as Hedy."

Misa felt disappointed as soon as Addison uttered "no." And when she heard that Hedy would also join them, her face changed immediately.

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