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Addison sat on the bedside and looked at Sally, who was peacefully asleep. Gradually, he squinted. He stretched his hand to hold Sally's. When his finger touched her calloused palm, he felt pain in his heart. She had experienced struggles more than any woman at her age. In a regretful tone, he mumbled, "I should have taken you back to the Long Family Mansion had I known this was going to happen." He was still blaming himself for what had happened. "My mom is always kind to everyone, and my papa won't say anything against you either." As he spoke, his voice sounded horrifyingly sad. "It was only that I was afraid you would feel uncomfortable in front of them. But as much as I wanted you to be safe, you still fell into such a danger."

Wyatt sensed the sorrow from Addison. He sighed silently and walked to him. Keeping the professionalism intact, he said in a serious tone, "Young Master, the hospital is ready." After taking a pause, he continued, "The Shadow Organization has already begun searching for the culprit on the entire island."

Addison didn't say a single word. After checking on the IV drip that had just been injected, he stood up and carried Sally in his arms. Then he turned around and walked carefully to the parking lot.

The Royal Hospital of Dragon Island was established as early as the Long Family began settling in the area. The hospital housed the most advanced medical instruments in the world, as well as doctors that were world-renowned. Sally was poisoned with a special drug, but fortunately, she got the treatment in time, so there was nothing to worry about now. But, the doctor could not guarantee that she had been already fully-recovered, so Addison could not set his mind at rest just yet. That was why he was taking Sally to the hospital for an overall checkup.

"Your Highness, please let me do the rest," said the doctor in charge of the Internal Medicine Department. And he bowed respectfully to Addison. Then, he hinted the nurses to push the sickbed on which Sally was lying to the checkup room. He followed them into the room after giving Addison a nod.

Addison was standing in the corridor. It was so quiet that even the sound of a quiet breathing could be heard.

Suddenly, hi

the shopping mall at three o'clock." As soon as her words faded away, she went to their bedroom and changed clothes. With a handbag clutched in her hand, she left in a hurry without glancing at Brian.

Brian could not help but shake his head in adoration. A big smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. He had undergone many hardships before, but it was all worth it because he had the love of his life beside him after all this time.

Neither Charlie nor Evelyn had any difficulty working out their relationship and marriage. However, it seemed that things would not go so smoothly with Addison. Fortunately, the Long Family only cared about the ending. As long as Addison was sure that Sally was his true love, Brian would accept Sally as a member of their family, regardless of how her past would possibly tarnish and shame the family's reputation. He was determined to stand by his son's side and support him, so that Addison would not have to worry about his family members' opinions. Their support was the only thing that mattered.

However, if Addison and Sally would break up due to their personal reasons, he would not have a say in their relationship. Although he and Molly had gotten together again because of Addison after several years of separation, their relationship was different from Addison and Sally's. If Addison would fail in their relationship even before they had a happy ending, how could he protect Sally against harm? How could he promise her a happy life?

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