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   Chapter 1467 Extra Story 70 Of Mark Lucky

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5988

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Addison thought about something while taking a glance at Fischer and Misa. If he were to leave at that moment, it would be very disrespectful for the guests.

"You go there to check on her." Addison's voice was icy cold. "I don't want anything to happen to her."

Wyatt eyed at Addison, nodded, and took his leave.

"What happened?" Misa seemed to have noticed the strange exchange. After she blinked her eyes in suspicion, she asked quizzically, "Is there something wrong?"

"Just some minor issues. It shouldn't concern everyone," Addison answered. He held a composed look—Misa couldn't get a clue about what was going on out of his face. But the truth was, Addison was in a deep state of frustration and worry.

Meanwhile, Eric and the rest of their guests finally arrived at the Long Family Mansion. They made the atmosphere of the house bright and welcoming. And because of the casual affair, the important things that needed to be discussed were put on hold.

"Addison, do you have time this afternoon?" Misa beamed at Addison with anticipation in her eyes. "I was meaning to visit the school this afternoon. If you're available, you can come with me."

Considering his position and the risk of making her feel upset, he couldn't say "no" to her request. So, he agreed. "My pleasure," he replied courteously.

Fischer broke into laughter when he saw his daughter's beaming face. He knew pretty well what his daughter was planning to do. On the other hand, he also appreciated Addison's treatment over his daughter. He was a capable and promising young man, and he also happened to assume the role of the ruler of the Dragon Island in the future. Therefore, Addison and Misa would undoubtedly make a perfect couple.

The elders could obviously tell Misa's ulterior motive,

eturn with Brian.

Wearing a composed look, he answered, "He just got a call and has something urgent to deal with. He asked me to apologize, especially to you. But Addison asked me to tell you that the plan to visit the school won't be canceled. He'll just be a bit late."

The disappointment in Misa's eyes suddenly changed into delight. "Sure. I understand he must attend to something important. He hasn't finished his lunch though."

"I'll leave some food for Addison," Molly said.

After feeling assured, Misa continued to talk about several other stuff.

Addison went to the garage and drove himself to the Empire Hotel. The moment he got into his car, he hurriedly called Wyatt.

"Young Master."

"What's going on there?" Addison asked.

Wyatt paused for a moment and answered, "Someone poisoned Miss Li's food. Luckily, she didn't eat that much."

Addison's face instantly turned frightening and cold. Speeding up, the black Maserati dashed on the road like a flash of light, disregarding the traffic rules.

When he reached the car park of the Empire Hotel, the car stopped abruptly from the high speed. The tension was evident on the marks of his card on the road.

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