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   Chapter 1466 Extra Story 69 Of Mark A Scheme

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"Please do. Our party won't start until ten o'clock in the evening, anyway. Call me when you finish dealing with your business," Henrik said in a casual tone. "But Addison, my friend, must come no matter how late it will be."

"Okay!" Addison answered after thinking for a short while. "I have a meeting right now. I'm hanging up."

"See you in the evening," Henrik said simply and then hung up. He said to Moore, who was collating files aside, "Move my appointment in the evening to ten o'clock."

"Yes," Moore answered. Then, he walked out of the office to make the necessary arrangements.

Leaning against the chair, Henrik crossed his hands slightly and his deep sight fell ahead. 'Whatever happens, happens. It seems that I can't do anything about it, ' he thought.

As a large-scale hotel with a long history of Dragon Island, the Empire Hotel had become a landmark of the island ever since.

Inside, Sally was standing at the balcony as her hands were placed softly on the railing in front of her. She looked at the garden in the hotel, where few people were scattered. Finally, her sight fell on the swimming pool ahead. It was late summer, and Dragon Island had a relatively warm climate. So, it was no surprise that there were quite a number of people hanging out at the swimming pool.


The sound of somebody knocking at the door came through all of a sudden. Reflexively, Sally turned around to take a look at the door. Then she turned around to open it.

"Miss, your lunch is here," a waiter said, pushing a dining trolley into the room. On the trolley there were a few plates covered.

"Lunch?" Sally gazed at the waiter in confusion. "I didn't call for room service for lunch. Is there some kind of mistake?"

With a faint smile on his face, the waiter answered, "Somebody told us that we should bring you lunch at exactly twelve o'clock."

Immediately, Sally felt warm from the gesture. Addison was very busy, but he was always so thoughtful and made all pro

Eric and greeted him, "Your Majesty!" Then he stood straight, turned his eyes to Duke Fischer with a smile on his face and greeted him, "Duke Fischer, nice to meet you."

Fischer burst into laughter and gave Addison a warm hug. Then the four of them began chatting. Due to the great influence of Fischer in the royal house of Y Country, Eric had been paying much attention to their relationship with the Fischer Family. Besides, Misa had studied in Dragon Island as an exchange student and had once been in the same class with Addison. Therefore, in addition to the friendship between the two families and countries, Addison and Misa also had a friendship outside their circle as classmates.

After chatting for a while, Eric invited Duke Fischer and Princess Misa to have lunch at the Long Family Mansion. Fischer was extremely happy when he was told that Brian was also back at the Dragon Island. Therefore, he didn't refuse the invitation. The father and daughter would go to the Long Family Mansion together with Eric and Addison.

While they were about to get in the car, Wyatt received a phone call. All of a sudden, his expression changed as he was listening attentively on the phone. As soon as he hung up, he strode to Addison and whispered something by his ear. Then he asked, "Young Master, do you have to go there?"

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