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   Chapter 1465 Extra Story 68 Of Mark A Scheme

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Addison's eyes slightly darkened. With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, he said in an arrogant tone, "Is there something in Dragon Island that I would want to know?" After saying that, he turned his head again to look at Sally. Immediately, the smile reached his eyes.

Suddenly, the corners of Sally's mouth twitched. She tried her best to force a smile, but gave up eventually.

"Addison Long, our meeting at the airplane wasn't a surprise to you, right?" Sally asked with gritted teeth. Obviously, she was sure of the answer.

Addison only smiled as a response, not uttering a single word. Then he ordered Wyatt, "To Empire Hotel."

"Yes, Young Master!" Wyatt answered. He started the car and drove straight to Empire Hotel as Addison ordered.

Addison didn't get out of the car. Instead, Sally was accompanied by Wyatt to check in the hotel. He chose not to appear in public together with Sally for the time being. Some local media in the island had already received the news about Addison and Sally, though they hadn't made it public yet. Besides, in times like this, Addison didn't want Sally to face any kind of trouble, so every safety measure was taken in order for their privacy to be kept.

"Have you made proper arrangements for her?" Addison could not help but ask in concern despite knowing Wyatt's ability of handling things well.

"Yeah, I think so," Wyatt answered. "A simple guest room instead of a suite."

Addison nodded, not saying another word. Wyatt understood him quite well even though he hadn't instructed him explicitly. That had always been their routine.

After waiting for Addison's signal from the rear-view mirror, Wyatt started the car, heading to the National Congress. Addison glanced at his watch. Then, he drew his sight to look out of the car window. The sky still looked azure in Dragon Island, as if it had just been purely washed into blue. However, under such a clean sky, many dirty tricks were taking place every day. The evolution of mankind involved the hierarchy of their social ranks rather than the development of their ideologies.

"Good morning, Your Highne

Mommy." He waited until Molly hung up. Then he said, "Wyatt, tell promotion department that we'll have a meeting in ten minutes."

"Yes!" Wyatt said. Then he turned around and left the office.

In the office, Addison made another phone call. As soon as the phone was picked up, he heard Henrik's lazy voice from the other end of the line. "You're back?!"

"Hmm," Addison answered in an apathetic voice. "There's something I have to deal with today. I will go to Rock International Corp. tomorrow morning instead."

Henrik felt his head ache after hearing that. "Are you speaking with me as a candidate to the ruler of the Dragon Island or as Addison Long?"

"Which one do you think is the answer?" Addison asked him back.

Henrik could not help but stroke his forehead in frustration. Looking around the piles of documents in front of his eyes, he answered in a lazy voice, "If you're informing me of the visit as a candidate to the ruler, I have no choice but to meet with you regardless how busy I am. But if you're speaking with me as Addison, my friend, I don't think it's necessary to wait until tomorrow morning. I have a small party in the evening. You should come."

Addison frowned slightly at Henrik's suggestion. "I'm not sure I can take the time off in the evening though." He was afraid that he would have to accompany Duke Fischer and Princess Misa in the evening since they had come to visit.

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