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   Chapter 1464 Extra Story 67 Of Mark Release

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Robert looked down with a slight grin. Then, he raised his head and said heavily with darker eyes, "I don't want this to be the turning point for us." What he said was a jumping point for other possibilities.

It was known to everyone that Robert was a ruthless man. What he cared about was having the best results and winning. He would reach his goal whatever it took. Since becoming one of the world's Top 50 companies, his company had made more aggressive and bold strategies instead of restraining itself. Those tactics seemed to be leaning at an intent to replace the Dragon Empire Group any time.

Addison responded with a light smile, without any hint of inferiority. Then he looked at Robert with deep eyes and said slowly, "What goes around comes back around."

Robert shrugged at his words. Raising his glass towards Addison, he took a sip, curled the corners of his mouth and said quietly, "I don't think it will work on me."

Addison didn't deny him and replied, "About that, who knows?"

When love comes, nobody can stop it, including Addison's powerful grandfather and his imperious father. Furthermore, the more stubborn he was, the stronger love he had.

What first started to be a business conversation turned into a discussion about love between the two heirs. They still didn't know that this conversation would be the last one before their rift. It was not until later that they would realize they had made a wrong decision. Maybe it was because the higher position they were in, the more they crave for power. Their living principles for the people under their employ had been totally disregarded.

After finishing the meeting and attending to his commitments in T City, Addison got back to the villa at nine o'clock late in the evening. With one hand in his pocket, Addison walked into the villa in a relaxed manner. As he gazed at the lights in the house, he gradually slowed down and paused.

After a long and busy day, he was so happy to see the lights on at the whole mansion, which meant there was someone in there waiting for him.

Addison curled his lips and said, "You can go now."

"Yes, sir!" Wyatt replied with a courteous bow to Addison, and then turned to walk to his place.

Addison opened the door, looked around, and locked his eyes on the seemingly tiny person who was curling up on the couch. It was Sally who was lying there with the soft light on her body. When she rolled over, the hem of her long dress rolled up to her thigh, showing up her scar.

Addison felt pain in his heart whenever he saw her scar. He narrowed his eyes and walked to her quietly.

"Mm..." Sally frowned and moaned with her lips pouting, who looked upset but very tantalizing in the dim light.

Upon seeing that and the partly hidden lacy underwear on her, Addison felt a hot stream running in his lower abdomen.

"Alas." Addison sighed. It was absolute torture for him. Walking down the staircase, he walked to Sally and tried to carry her to the bed. But when he put his hands on her, she waved her han

his head and looked at Sally, who seemed embarrassed, then continued, "Most of time, he is with me."

Sally was clear about it, so she felt very awkward. She said, "I have never been so embarrassed in front of him like earlier today."

Addison grinned and said, "Don't worry.

He doesn't really mind." Sally said nothing more.

After an hour, their plane landed on the Dragon Island International Airport. Addison chose to walk through the exclusive passageway with Sally. To his surprise, he saw a middle-aged man with a flower representing the Long Family Mansion on his chest waiting outside the passageway.

"Young Master!" that man said, bowing to Addison respectfully and taking a casual glance at Sally. "The Master and Lady have come back home. They are at the Mansion now."

Addison asked in surprise, "You mean my mom and dad are back?"

"Yes!" the man still replied in a respectful way.

Addison's eyes were getting darker. He thought their goal was to see Sally since he came a long way to the airport. He nodded and said, "I see." He paused, checked his watch, and continued, "I'll go to the National Congress first before going back to the mansion for lunch."

The man thought for a second before he gave a definite reply, "Yes!"

Addison just took Sally's hand, passed over the man and left the airport.

"Well... You can drop me off when we arrive at the downtown area." Sally said, pursing her lips. "I..."

"Is there somewhere you can go?" Addison looked at her and asked. "As far as I know, you have decided not to come back again and even stopped renewing the lease. Right?"

Sally froze for a second, then asked spontaneously, "How do you know that?"

Addison sighed quietly, not knowing how to react. He had a lot of things to deal with on the Dragon Island. So no matter how many difficult things happened in M Country, he got Charlie there to handle them. He had no reason to go to M Country unless when it was necessary. Did she really think she met him on the plane by chance?

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