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   Chapter 1463 Extra Story 66 Of Mark Meeting

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 10389

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Leonardo shrugged. Putting down the soy milk, he left as well. He was still baffled by what Addison had said as he got into his car. When he thought about it, he indeed felt like Sally knew him from the past. And not only did she seemed like she knew him, she even looked like she was afraid of him.

But why? Leonardo's eyebrows almost met, thinking profusely.

And before he came to a logical conclusion, his phone rang. He took out his phone and saw that it was from his brother. Putting on a smile and a whole new mood, he picked up the call and said, "Robert. Why are you calling me this early?"

"Leonardo, I heard that Addison was looking for you. Is that right?" Robert was standing by the windows in the hotel room, and was mindlessly looking at the busy cars on the road outside.

"Have you installed listeners on me?" Leonardo rolled his eyes as he asked, annoyed that his brother has been guarding him without his consent.

"Yes." Robert frowned. "Stay away from him. And don't ever try to mess with his woman. Get it?"

"No worries. I'm not close to him anyway. Plus, why would I think of getting on with his woman?" Leonardo suddenly observed some pattern and blurted out, "What's wrong? Why are both of you so worried about Sally and me? Have we met before?"

After he heard a bunch of questions thrown at him from the other end of the line, Robert questioned back, "You purposely went to say hi to Addison's girlfriend. Don't you know her?"

"I just saw her once," Leonardo explained. "Rest assured I won't touch other people's woman, especially Addison's."

"Good to hear that," Robert replied in a flat tone. "Look, our family and the Long Family have some business activities going on just. Now, I don't care about your silly games, but do mind yourself. If you cause any trouble, I won't be able to help you this time."

Leonardo growled internally, but answered in a quite docile manner, "I get it. I'm a grown-up now. I know what I'm doing." But what he thought of actually saying was, "I don't have any interest in that woman right now. Besides, you know what I'm up to recently. Why did you even bother giving me a call to warn me about her?"

Meanwhile, Robert knew exactly what Leonardo was thinking. It was precisely because he knew that he wouldn't want Leonardo to get in contact with Sally.

"Okay. Just mind your actions. Don't screw it up" After that bland reminder, Robert hung up.

Leonardo was unbothered about Robert's warning, though. And after their conversation ended, he received calls from his friends who invited him for another boys' night out. The question that bothered him earlier was soon flushed away by alcohol.

Meanwhile, Sally didn't wake up until noon. She only started to fall asleep after Addison left. She looked lethargic from lack of sleep. So she dragged herself downstairs and attempted to clear her mind by taking a shower.

Then suddenly, her phone rang. After swinging her heavy body to the couch, she picked up the call and said, "Rose."

After a pause, Rose asked, "Why do you sound so strange? Are you sick?"

"No. I

taste would be bearable.

Sometimes, when you're attached with something, you'll never be able to separate yourself with it. When you arrive at a eureka moment, everything will suddenly become normal again.'

A smile crept onto Sally's face as she came to some sudden realization. Taking out her phone, she dialed Addison's number.

"You're done shopping?" Addison's voice was as soothing as always.

Smiling, Sally answered, "Not yet. Have you eaten?"

"Not yet," Addison replied with a smile.

"Do you have to work overtime or have you scheduled to meet with people?" Sally hurried to ask.

"Well, I think I have to work overtime today."

"All right. I get it. I shall not disturb you for now. I'm having lunch."

"Okay." The smile on his face widened. It seemed that his mood would always immediately light up whenever he would feel her presence.

After ending the call, Addison looked at Robert who was studying his face. He seemed to read the doubt in his eyes and explained, "When you fall in love with someone, you'll understand how great it feels just to have a short call with her."

Robert seemed unconvinced with his explanation. After cutting a slice of steak and chewing it slowly, he started talking, "I can't imagine that you're the Addison that competes with me in business." He paused, as if warning him that if he continued to be emotionally attached to a woman, he would be less strong than he used to be.

"I don't really mind that," Addison replied, smiling. His voice was calm but his dark eyes seemed to emit a sense of danger.

Robert's eyes met Addison's midway, as if they were having a silent war. After one minute or so, they stopped gazing at each other unanimously and held their glasses of wine up—a sign of ceasefire. Business world had always been a battlefield. Both of them admired each other's capability. It was each other's presence that stimulated them to strive further.

How lucky they were to meet someone who could rival against them! However… Addison might have forgotten that he now had a weak point.

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