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   Chapter 1462 Extra Story 65 Of Mark A Favor

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Leonardo also noticed that Sally looked at him in a rather strange manner. He thought that it was because of their rather strange encounter yesterday. Ignoring the thought deliberately and avoiding that topic, he reached out his hand and said gently, "Hello, my name is Leonardo Shangguan. Can we be friends?"

Evelyn was annoyed by the man who was obviously trying to flirt with Sally, whom she had already viewed as her sister-in-law. Throwing down her fork in a rather rude manner, she composed herself to say something. But another voice suddenly said, "I'm afraid not." Addison walked towards them. "Leonardo, long time no see."

"Addison! It's you!" Leonardo was surprised to see that the person who suddenly interrupted was Addison. He looked at him and then pointed at Sally, as if asking something.

"I asked you to come with me. I thought you said you were busy with something?" It was Robert who joined the conversation, preventing Leonardo to talk further to Sally.

Leonardo took a glimpse at his brother and hurried to excuse himself, "Well... My friends are waiting for me. Please excuse me. Maybe some other time." As soon as he finished that, he quickly walked away.

The people who had witnessed the mini encounter assumed that Leonardo was scared of his brother. It just confirmed their suspicion that Leonardo was upset that he wasn't recognized as part of the family. As for the larger gossip he created, Leonardo just felt nothing about it.

There had been rumors about the Shangguan Family. But very few genuinely knew exactly what happened with the family. Even though Leonardo's mother was a mistress, she never meant to destroy the relationship of Robert's parents. She was even very remorseful for her mistake that she wanted to leave the family with Leonardo. Bu then, Robert's mother got sick and happened to know the where Leonardo's mother was. And as her health condition worsened, she even contacted her and asked her to take care of her family after she passed away. Surely, there were reasons for her "generosity." As for what exactly the reasons were, only the elder generation in the Shangguan Family knew, excluding the stepbrothers.

There was another interesting story, though. Robert, who was four years elder than Leonardo, met Leonardo even before their mothers met. At that time, they still weren't aware of the fact that they were brothers. One of them was cold, and the other was sunny. The two kids happened to meet and eventually befriended each other. But after they were informed of the harsh truth, they became distant with each other for a period of time, but in the end, they restored their relationship.

Robert had always adored his younger brother. He even allowed Leonardo to play all the pranks he would think of and Robert would make sure to cover everything up for him.

And Leonardo, who had been a quite rebellious child for years, suddenly changed one

o you know Sally?" Addison asked straight.

"Sally?" Leonardo seemed to be strange to that name. A few seconds later, he realized who he was referring to. Soon, his eyes were gleaming with excitement. "Oh! So that's her name. What a beautiful name! And she is just as beautiful! If she can smile more, she would be even more enchanting!" As he indulged in his own imagination, Addison's expression turned cold.

Leonardo immediately stopped talking to himself and answered, "I really don't know her. I just felt she was strange yesterday, so I noticed her and did her a favor." Under Addison's cold gaze, he hastily explained, "There was just a small accident. I was going for a party after I went out of the Romantic Club. From afar, I saw her standing in the middle of the road. I got curious, so I stopped the car by the road and watched her, but she kept standing there. No one helped her cross the road. So I did her a favor by pulling her to the pavement." Putting on a flattering smile, he continued, "What a coincidence! I happened to save your woman's life!" Addison knew that Leonardo was a shameless man, but the extent of his shamelessness still surprised him. Moments ago, he seemed to be interested with Sally but now he was acting different. However, the incident couldn't fully explain why Sally looked so embarrassed and resistant when she saw him. Sally's mood changed drastically because of this man.

"Okay. You can go now," Addison said indifferently. "By the way, skipping breakfast is bad for your health." After that, he stood up and left.

This time, it was Leonardo's turn to be speechless. When he regained his wits, Addison was already out. He groaned, "Sounds like he eats breakfasts regularly. I don't believe that! He's so busy. How can he still have time for breakfast?" Pulling a face, he grabbed the soy milk on the table and drank it. Then he started to ponder, 'Sally… Hmm… Seems like that Sally knows me!'

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