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   Chapter 1461 Extra Story 64 Of Mark A Favor

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Sally shook her head anxiously, trying hard to calm her nerves. "Nothing...nothing... I'm just a bit tired," she said. Her tone was visibly calm as she took it all in and continued, "It's rare for me to attend such a party. I just feel a bit subdued. Luckily, I have you." She then glanced at them.

Ezra's eyes were gleaming strangely, but he didn't push her further. The Long Family's business would be handled by the Long Family itself. Surely, he would rather not interfere with it. In fact, either way, he really couldn't. He had enough trouble with Evelyn.

"I guess Addison is finished," Ezra said. "I'll call him." As he said that, he took out his phone.

Sally suddenly stopped him. When Ezra cast a doubtful glance at her, she hurried to explain, "Please don't. I wouldn't want to be his burden. Plus, I believe he wouldn't forget about me anyway."

Ezra complied and agreed to her point. Coming from the men in the Long Family's meticulousness towards women, he had to admit that he couldn't compare with them in terms of this. And the party went on.

During the party, Evelyn and Elsa took huge servings of food at their table. Amazed by Evelyn's appetite, Sally wondered, 'If Evelyn isn't full right now, would she just eat at where the food is served instead of bringing the food back to the table?'

As she watched Evelyn enjoying her food, Sally heaved a silent sigh. 'Evelyn has a perfect body shape. No matter how much she takes in, she never seems to gain weight. She almost doesn't have to worry about being fat at all, ' she thought.

'Did Evelyn and Elsa came here just for food? Anyway, whenever I'm with them, no reporter has come to take photos, nor has anyone come to talk to me. And that's all because of Evelyn. Whenever someone would try to approach, Evelyn would shoot them a menacing glare to scare them away.'

"Have you heard? The second son of the Shangguan Family, Leonardo, has been in T City for days," someone exclaimed, making the information circulate the party. "I've heard that he went to the Romantic Club yesterday and had a fight with Nina."

"I also heard that, and..." someone added somewhere in the background. Holding a glass of wine, a woman wearing a grand dress and a full make-up said, "That's weird. If Leonardo is the second son of the Shangguan Family, why i

ested in them.

He told them what happened. His friends seemed to be surprised at first, but then they knew Leonardo so much that they just started to put on some knowing smiles. Someone said, "Leonardo, not bad! I can almost imagine what those socialites would do later."

"Since they love to gossip, I just gave them what they want." Leonardo shrugged, totally unfazed by what had happened.

They soon turned to another topic and started drinking. In a party that was meant for the people to socialize, they didn't really seem to be interested to mingle with others. All of them were young heirs of huge businesses. They didn't have to walk around and mingle with people in order to try and please them. They had come mainly for two reasons. First was for Addison, and second was for Robert. They were interested to see what would happen at the party.

"Leonardo, what's wrong?"

"I saw someone familiar." Leonardo put on a strange smile. "I'll go and say hi."

"Who's that?"

Leonardo didn't answer the question. He walked ahead towards Sally after putting the glass down. His weird action then made his friends curious. How could someone in the party draw his attention?

"Hello, lucky to see you again," Leonardo greeted Sally, smiling.

Sally was talking to Evelyn gleefully. But the moment she saw Leonardo, her entire body froze. She had hoped that no one would ever remind her of her past as much as possible. 'I just want to let go of my past! Why would he appear in my life again and remind me of it?' she howled inwardly.

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