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   Chapter 1460 Extra Story 63 Of Mark Standoff

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"Why is that?" Elsa asked Ezra bewilderedly. She had enjoyed the food as well.

Charlie saw the cake left on her cheek and couldn't help but smile at her. "Because these food are not made by some famous cooks. They are prepared just for you."

"These food are from West Street," Ezra said quite helplessly. "I still don't understand why the Long Family can stomach you. I have no doubt that you could led them to the path of death."

Evelyn blinked her big eyes with an innocent look and asked Ezra, "Sweetheart, are you serious? Are you tired of me?" Her voice sounded lower than usual as if she was about to cry in the next second.

Ezra knew Evelyn made that sound on purpose but he surrendered to it every time. "I didn't mean it, honey. I will try to make enough money to satisfy every wish of yours. My lifelong goal is to make sure you can play all the way you want. The sky is the limit."

The sad expression on her face disappeared instantly. Evelyn pointed at Ezra and said like a queen, "Now you said it yourself, Ezra. Everybody heard it." After a short pause, Evelyn looked to Sally. "You are my witness, Sally. And if he ever dares to break his promise..." Her fierce eyes fell on the middle of Ezra's legs. "I will flat out castrate you."

Ezra put his knees together. He rolled his eyes and protested in a frustrated voice, "We are in a public place." He leaned forward. "Speaking of which, isn't it your loss if I get castrated?"

This couple was accustomed to teasing each other like this. Charlie looked at Evelyn with a fond smile. It seemed nothing from his twin sister's mouth could surprise him. Elsa, on the other hand, was flushed with embarrassment. After so many years, she still couldn't get used to their way to express their love.

Sally watched the twins and how they interacted with their lovers, feeling warm in her heart. They had no pressure and weren't at all reserved because she was there. Did that mean they had taken her as a family member?

"Addison's not finished yet?" Ezra asked abruptly.

Shrugging, Charlie and handed a serviette to Elsa as he replied, "They are the classic frenemies and can hardly have a serious talk about business. I bet they are shooting the breeze now." He paused for a moment and then added, "If he steps in this, things will get rough for Addison." Now the situation was sti

Henrik and Matthew. And now she seemed to have some relationship with either Robert, or Leonardo.

Charlie couldn't force Sally to rest, so he texted Addison instead.

The party was not over yet. As a co-host Charlie couldn't slack off anymore. So, Ezra was left there with the three ladies.

Evelyn, who claimed she was too full just one moment ago, now went to taste the newly served ice cream with Elsa, ignoring Sally and Ezra who were sitting nearby.

Sally sipped her champagne halfheartedly. Once again she felt she was drowned in a deep sense of fear from the past. It couldn't be him! Last night he had looked at her in a way like she was a complete stranger. Yes, just like that. Or, was it possible that he had forgotten her, honestly? Seven years had passed. How could he, a man from such illustrious family, still remember her, a passersby in his life? He wouldn't.

Her fingers tightened around the stem of the glass in her hand as she thought about this. She put too much strain on it. The glass began to shake, finally spilling some of the wine on Ezra.

Sally was shaken back to the present when she saw the serviette Ezra was handing her. She tried to put her glass down but in the confusion she knocked it on his hand, splashing both of them with the remaining champagne.

"Sorry, sorry." She apologized in a hurry and tried to dry his clothes with the serviette.

"Take it easy, it isn't much of an issue." As he spoke, his eyes keenly surveyed Sally. "Do you mind telling me what is going on with you?" he added after a moment's pause.

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